Attorney General John Suthers' advice: If you really need marijuana, cook up an ailment

On last night's Channel 31 late newscast, reporter Heidi Hemmat mined comedy gold with the story above, about a Boulder man who's created a "THC ministry" that ordains anyone, Hemmat included, willing to treat ganja as a religious sacrament. The most humorous moment -- even funnier than the use of Pink Floyd as background music? Hemmat's conversation with Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, one of the most vocal opponent of current medical-marijuana laws. After first arguing that the weed-as-religious-totem gambit is illegal (not that he threatened to bust anyone), Suthers said that if someone really needs marijuana that badly, "I suggest you go see a doctor and convince him you have a debilitating condition."

Is the Colorado attorney general really giving tips to the public about how to obtain medical marijuana using fraud and deception? You be the judge. Let us pray.

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