Aurora theater shooting: Judge delays hearing about Fox News information "leak"

A judge has postponed until April 1 a hearing at which attorneys for accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes hope to question a reporter about who, if anyone, "leaked" her information about a notebook Holmes sent to a psychiatrist. Originally scheduled for February 4, Holmes's attorneys asked to delay the hearing, explaining that they expect "ongoing resistance" from Fox News, the network for which reporter Jana Winter works.

Though prosecutors objected to the delay, Judge William Sylvester granted it. In a motion on view below, he says the issue is "extremely important, as either a member of law enforcement has committed perjury...or a journalist has fabricated a story." The perjury comment refers to a December hearing at which several police officers who had access to the notebook -- including Aurora detectives and the police chief at the University of Colorado, where Holmes was a student and where the notebook was found -- testified that they were not the unnamed sources cited in Winter's story. Winter reported in July that the notebook contained details about how Holmes "was going to kill people."

Read prosecutors' objections and the judge's ruling below.

Response to Motion to Vacate

Amended Order Re: Motion to Vacate

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