Aurora theater shooting: Meet Jonathan Lee Riches, prime suspect in bizarre court filings

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Last week, we told you about a bizarre court filing in the Aurora theater shooting case -- one that blamed the incident on a police chief and the Illuminati, among others. Shortly thereafter, Reddit user FreedomsTorch set out to unmask the prankster behind the document. He concludes the culprit is self-proclaimed "lawsuit factory" Jonathan Lee Riches -- and since then, even more evidence has accumulated to support this theory. See it below.

On August 31, Riches, who's reportedly from Pennsylvania, was mentioned in 9News' coverage of the theater shooting, with the station pointing out that the mail of accused killer James Holmes was being forwarded to him -- at least until the U.S. Postal Service determined that the request was fraudulent. The station also noted that "in 2009, Riches reportedly sued the Guinness Book of World Records when he learned they planned to name him the world's most litigious man."

Here's Riches's Facebook response to the station:

After the 18th Judicial District Court, which is handling the Holmes prosecution, released the aforementioned document, as well as Judge William Sylvester's order suggesting that the person behind it undergo a mental-health evaluation, FreedomsTorch cited the similarities between that document and one posted to Blogspot on August 19 under the name Yeom Pyo Lee. As we pointed out in an August 31 post about a reckless-disregard-of-the-truth allegation aimed at prosecutors by Holmes's defense team, a register of actions document made public by Judge Sylvester mentioned a filing by a "YPL," and we speculated that it referred to Lee, who was questioned after the shooting but quickly cleared of involvement. (A University of Colorado student, Lee is said to have known Holmes.) The court has not officially released the YPL filing, but the one on Blogspot is nearly identical in tone to the one supposedly from the victim, except that the narrative is written in the sort of broken English associated with offensive Asian stereotypes. Here's the text:

Comes Now, the intervenor Yeom Pyo Lee with newly discovered withheld evidence in this case and facing imminent danger andf bodily harm moves this court to intervene in this case to tell my side of the story.I am James Holmes friend from school. I demand James Holmes be free, i call court house too, you free James Holmes asap. James Holmes innocent, Police Chief Dan Oates crooked cop. I was at PF Changs China Bistro in Aurora Dan Oates beat me in parking lot wit my cell phone 7/24/2012. took phone and my lo mein. Oates use my phone to call police to threaten itself .Oates told me he illuminati . I scared now, I hide now at South Korean embassy in D.C. .Aurora police corrupt. I am proud member of Facebook group "James Holmes is innocent" .You must come see group. Dan Oates & police have warrant for me arrest.Plant my finger prints on gun at century 16. Oates told me he framed James Holmes for new world order. Must investigate .I want witness protection . I go on nbc today show tell my side of story next week. Dan Oates sleep wit District Attorney Carol Chambers at Aurora Holiday Inn hotel, I have video . i go show on youtube . free james holmes

The person listed as posting the document: Jonathan Lee Riches.

And that's not all.

Continue reading for more about Jonathan Lee Riches's alleged connection to bizarre Aurora theater shooting court filings. The most recent register of events, published on Friday, mentions an order denying a motion requesting access to records in order to present "newly discovered evidence." That document is referenced by the initials "A.M.E.," which correspond to Allison Michelle Ernst -- the name of a young woman who interrupted an August 9 hearing in the case; she claimed to have information vital to the investigation before she was escorted from the courtroom.

The original A.M.E. motion hasn't been made public by the 18th Judicial District, either -- but lo and behold, there's an Allison Michelle Ernst blogspot that includes just such a document. And again, it bears a close resemblance to the ones pertaining to the unnamed victim and Y.P.L. It reads:

Comes Now, Allison Michelle Ernst , moves this honorable court to intevene in the the James Eagan Holmes case for access to all judicial records and to intervene to produce newly discovered withheld evidence. Further , movant intervenes to appeal this courts ruling denying the defendants constitutional right to have they're own experts present as the state examines scientific evidence, which this denial is a violation of confrontation clause James Holmes is a innocent man , James holmes must be released to me asap, this is a huge conspiracy. I am the allison ernst who came to court bald with a red dress. This court and the media must go to " james holmes is innocent " facebook page to look and read about all the evidence which will show James is truly innocent and that the guilty party is philip anschutz who owns half of regal cinemas and Anschutz mind controlled James to go to the theater to knock out Anschutz's competitor. Anschutz is involved with new world order and a group of cabal evil worldwide crooks who want control of the world through false flag attacks akin to george orwell 1984 , where james holmes is now the new emmanuel, and Anschutz's fingerprints are all over this tragic event and he must be investigated. Anschutz also killed michael Jackson. I fear for my life, i can be found in " james holmes is innocent ".

Ernst's address is listed as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- and the person who posted it is identified as Jonathan Lee Riches.

The shtick doesn't stop there. Riches's Facebook page, which describes him as a "rogue detective" at the Aurora Police Department who studied at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, currently features a video that purports to show James Holmes masquerading as Ernst. Here's a screen capture:

Other Holmes-related ephemera on the page includes an application for the Aurora City Council, a letter to a local attorney asking him to take Holmes's case and a petition to formally change Riches's name to "James Eagan Holmes."

We'll be reaching out to Riches with a request for a response to this post. When and if we receive a reply, we'll update.

Continue to read Riches's application for Aurora City Council, his request to change his name to James Eagan Holmes, his letter to a local attorney and the most recent register of actions. Jonathan Lee Riches's application for Aurora City Council: Jonathan Lee Riches's name-change request: Jonathan Lee Riches's letter to a local attorney:

Register of Actions, August 31-September 6:

James Holmes Case Register of Actions August 31 September 6

More from the Aurora Theater Shooting archive: "James Holmes defense accuses prosecutors of reckless disregard for the truth."

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