Balloon Boy dad's latest bitch: Restitution costs are too high

We knew Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene wouldn't go away quietly. But with the help of attorney David Lane, he's managing to make noise even while serving a jail sentence for pretending that his son, Falcon, had floated away in an inflatable silver chef's hat.

Lane's claim: The amount law enforcement officials want the Heenes to pay for their de facto reality show audition hits heights even their "experimental craft" didn't manage to reach.

Of course, Heene, who pleaded guilty to cooking up a hoax, spent much of last week insisting that he'd lied about lying during appearances alongside Larry King and the Today show's Matt Lauer. And while Lane hasn't formally challenged the Heenes' restitution charge of over $47,000 for prompting the balloon chase, he tells the Fort Collins Coloradoan that the amount is "ridiculously high." He adds, "They don't have to pay rescuers for doing their job. This is cops getting paid to be cops whether they're sitting around doing nothing or tracking a balloon."

Of course, those cops could have been investigating real crimes or doing other legitimate duty if they hadn't been on a wild Falcon chase. But wait a minute! It wasn't a stunt! I forgot! It's so hard to keep track...

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