Barack Obama gay? A terrorist? A gangster? See the Grand Junction billboard going viral

Update: This billboard has now been removed. More info below.

Last week, we told you about WhoSaidYouSaid putting up its 100th anti-Barack Obama billboard. But a different board is causing a considerably larger foofaraw in Grand Junction thanks to images of Obama as gay, a terrorist, a gangster and a Mexican bandit that are causing outrage among Dems nationwide. See it below.

As noted by Grand Junction's Daily Sentinel, the funders of the billboard, which features the aforementioned four Obamas playing cards beneath a slogan that reads "Vote DemocRAT. Join the game," haven't come forward -- but Loma artist Paul Snover confirms that he created the caricatures. Snover's page on ResistNet.com, which boasts of being "the home of patriotic resistance," should give you some idea where his political sympathies lie.

His work has certainly proven to be an attention getter. At this writing, a Google News search for "Snover" and "billboard" produces 203 articles, in publications ranging from the Washington Post to ChicagoPride.com, with The Week's headline posing the question, "The Most Offensive Anti-Obama Billboard Ever?"

Well, it certainly ups the ante on the "President or Jihad?" birther movement billboard back on view outside Wolf Automotive on I-70 after briefly being covered with a Dan Maes for Governor message. And if this is a contest, Dems will no doubt be left even more furious by what comes next.

Page down to see a Channel 31 report on the billboard:

More on the Phil Wolf billboard from our Follow That Story archive: "Anti-Obama sign protesters: Did dealership employees try to asphyxiate them?"

Update, October 19: The billboard pictured in this post has now been removed, and artist Paul Snover isn't happy about it. Get the details in an item from our Follow That Story archive: "Barack Obama billboard picturing him as gay, a terrorist taken down; artist lauds free speech."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.