"I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking."

Barack Obama Gets His Derek Zoolander On

Wait a second. Is that Barack Obama striking the famous "Blue Steel" pose perfected by Derek Zoolander? Pretty damn close -- and it's all thanks to the artistry of one Ron Keas, who's whipped up a slew of Obama-oriented paintings and prints, three of which will be viewable at the Manifest Hope Gallery at the Democratic National Convention. Of course, anyone can submit their masterpieces for display at this presentation, sponsored by MoveOn.org -- click here for details. But it's hard to imagine any will be loopier than Keas' worshipful imagery, which includes pieces featuring Obama sitting in Lincoln's chair (don't get too comfortable), visiting the Lincoln Memorial, wearing a basketball uniform labeled "D.C. 1," and appearing in a crystal ball that's supposed to be in 3-D. The only way it would be better is if it had been painted on velvet!

See a video of the whole collection by clicking "More." -- Michael Roberts


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