Barack Obama's sit-down with CBS4's Shaun Boyd: The pros and cons of going local (VIDEO)

According to CBS4's Shaun Boyd, the station was granted an interview with President Barack Obama because "we asked." But this on-air explanation doesn't tell the whole story. Obama sat down with numerous TV reporters from local outlets yesterday -- presumably because his staff felt he might get more favorable coverage by tossing a bone to affiliates. It certainly worked that way in Denver -- but not everywhere.

In the CBS4 segment below, Boyd doesn't exactly challenge Obama or attempt to push any of his buttons -- and as a result, he's able to share his thoughts with his usual cool aplomb. This style apparently made a big impression on Boyd, however. The segment concludes with her gushing about what a privilege it was to spend ten minutes in the prez's company.

A different note was struck by Brad Watson, a reporter from WFAA in Dallas. His aggressive style prompted Obama to say at the conclusion of the session, "Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?"

And there may be a next time. Wonder how long it took Fox to give Mr. Watson a shout...

Look below to see Boyd's segment with Obama, followed by Watson's turn at the plate:

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