Basebrawl: Giants fans' (pretty funny) last gasp

Our Basebrawl series of trash-talking with the folks at the SF Weekly, our sister paper, en route to the MLB playoffs is winding down thanks to the Giants' 1-3 series against the Cubs over the weekend and a kind call on a Clint Barmes "catch" that allowed the Rockies to beat St. Louis on Sunday. But the Weekly crew still has a little spark left, despite the Giants' eagerness to piss all over it. After our Basebrawl blog yesterday, in which we needled the writers for scribbling about pitcher Justin Miller's tattoos instead of anything that took place on the diamond, they countered with reproductions of tats they claimed to have found on Miller's bod, both of which happen to target us. Take a look: We're going to miss these times when the Giants are mathematically eliminated, especially since Village Voice Media, our parent company, doesn't own a paper in Atlanta, whose Braves are the real threat to prevent the Rockies from reaching the postseason. And there's no point in trying to pick a fight with Creative Loafing, the dominant weekly in A-Town, since they're hardly following the playoff chase. Indeed, their most recent Braves blog, published Friday, consists of a link to an amusing video in which ancient manager Bobby Cox is inserted into the light saber duel from Star Wars; he plays the Obi Wan Kenobi role.

May the farce be with them.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.