Basebrawl: Rockies' bats silence Giants fans

We've heard a whole lotta nothing from the Giants-loving trash-talkers at our sister paper, the SF Weekly, over the past couple of days. I expected an outburst yesterday, after the G-men bested lowly Arizona Monday to gain half a game on the idle Rockies. Probably one filled with more misinformation, like the recent claim that Denver had never "felt the joy of a sporting championship that wasn't connected to John Elway's equine, leering mug." Folks in the Bay obviously forgot all about the two Stanley Cups earned by the Colorado Avalanche, which makes sense considering that the closest things to hockey in that town are iced lattes.

And they're probably unable to speak up today, due to a hangover from last night's agony. The Giants staked themselves to a three-run lead over the D-backs, then blew it like Linda Lovelace in her prime, eventually losing 10-8. Meanwhile, the Rockies overcame a miserable start by previous hero Jorge De La Rosa and a near-complete meltdown by the bullpen to prevail 11-10. With the Giants now five games back, their road to the playoffs look like this:

And the Rockies' path looks like this:

Enjoy the drive.

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