Bazi, Denver-based energy drink with 8 superfruits, now sold in convenience stores

A Denver-based "energy shot with eight superfruits," Bazi has gone the way of the 7-Eleven. The beverage was once sold only through a multi-level marketing network -- a scheme Westword explored in the 2009 cover story, "The Wizard of Bazi." But now, Bazi has ditched that model for the tried-and-true convenience store market.

In January 2010, the company formerly known as XELER8 and now known as Bazi International, Inc. sent out a press release announcing a partnership with a marketing organization. In March 2011, Bazi began showing up on the shelves of 7-Eleven stores.

Since then, Bazi has undertaken what its head honchos call an "aggressive expansion." A May press release quoted then-CEO Kevin Sherman as saying, "It is our intent to make Bazi a household name when it comes to energy shots."

Bazi now has plans to sell its superfruits in 1st Stop and Farm Crest Stores and, as of this week, in Denver Jenny's Markets and Circle Ks in four western states. "As we continue to expand in Colorado, our hometown market, PCF Saleco (a Circle K franchise) and Jenny's are a very important part of our growth and we are glad to have their support," Debbie Wildrick, now-CEO, said in another press release.

Bazi executives "politely declined" an interview request from Westword about their change in strategy. Does ditching the multi-level marketing scheme make Bazi more legitimate? Whatever the answer, one thing is for sure: It makes it easier to buy the stuff -- which you'll want to do if you've got gnats breeding in your nasal passage. Trust us.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.