Beating the Tom-Tom

Tom Tancredo will never be president.

Shocking, I know, given his spot in the back of the pack of Republican candidates.But in Denver, where the sixth congressional district representative can grab a headline faster than he'd nuke Mecca, we have an outsized view of the impact that Tancredo has had outside of Colorado. He may be a household name (and epithet, depending on the household) in Denver, but in other parts of the country, he's not even in the neighborhood of most households.

Last night, I offered a Colorado trivia quiz to the Young Presidents Organization of Florida, a group of captains of industry and entrepreneurs on a retreat in Aspen. These are the sort of go-getters who you'd think would have gotten good and cranky last fall, when Tancredo compared Miami to "a third-world country."

But when I asked for the name of the Colorado Congressman who'd so insulted the largest city in their home state, not a one could come up with Tancredo. Not even when I added the clue that he was running for president. And might have said a thing or two about illegal immigrants. Not even when I spotted them Tom Tan....

No, Tom Tancredo will never be president. Unless, maybe, he threatens to bomb the Caribou Club. -- Patricia Calhoun

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