"Best friend" would let Brandon Marshall date his sister

As disgruntled Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall tries to maneuver his way into a new contract in another NFL city, his surrogates are talking him up in high-profile media venues. Example: The Jacksonville Jaguars' Mike Walker, who describes himself as Marshall's best friend, spoke at length about his buddy to CBSSports.com's Pete Prisco. "For them to bash him the way he's being bashed does hurt," Walker is quoted as saying about his former University of Central Florida teammate. "I know him. I know how he is. He isn't a bad guy. He isn't what they are saying he is."

Walker denies that Marshall is abusive in his personal life, as a damning ESPN report argued, declaring, "Brandon has taught me a lot about how to treat ladies, about opening the door and stuff like that. He would never hit a woman." Walker even said that he would happily allow Marshall to date his sister -- "and that's the God's honest truth." But he doesn't begrudge a team from covering its ass before bringing Marshall aboard. In Walker's words, "If they want to work out a contract, they can work it out. Put stuff in it. Put clauses in it. Put stuff in it that will penalize him if he gets in trouble so you can pay the man."

He probably should secure the same kind of legal protection before Marshall takes out his sister....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.