Best of Denver

Best of Denver Winners from 1996

In 1996, Westword published its thirteenth Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from Best Yuppie on a Harley (then-senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who posed for a Banana Republic ad) to the Best New Public Art (Mark di Suvero’s still-controversial “Lao Tzu”) to the Best Place to Put the Pepsi Center and the Best Place to Put the New Broncos Stadium — since plans were in the works to create not one, but two new sports palaces. But the city wasn’t all about the shlock of the new: 1996 was also a vintage year for the Best Place for Clothes That Won’t Make Him Look Like a Middle-Aged Yuppie. No, not Banana Republic, but American Aces.

American Aces was brought to us by two ace thrifters: Russell Enloe and Ronnie Crawford, who’d opened his first new/old shop, Bertha’s (which later turned into Rudely Decadent) on Broadway back in 1978. With American Aces, Crawford and Enloe took cool to a new level, not only stuffing the store with incredible fashion finds, but also sponsoring rockabilly weekends where Denverites could dress the part. The partners eventually parted ways, with Crawford going on to open All American Vogue a block to the south (Enlow died in 2006). Now, after thirty years on the Miracle Mile, Crawford is finally calling it quits — and after one last sale, All American Vogue will close its doors for good. But Crawford will still be around: He plans to continue selling online and will keep his bartender gig at the Skylark Lounge. “It’s the only place I get to shmooze now,” he says. Another round, Ronnie!

Here are the rest of the winners from 1996:

Best of 1996

People and Places

Best New Career for Pat Schroeder: Private Eye Reader's Choice: President

Best Celebrity Memento: Princess Di's Toilet Seat

Best Local Politician: Dennis Gallagher, Denver City Council Reader's Choice: Wellington Webb

Best Roy Romer Lookalike: Bill Hash, Sergeant-at-Arms, Colorado House of Representatives

Best Protest--Urban: McDonald's

Best Protest--Suburban: Len Aitken

Best Yuppie on a Harley: Ben Nighthorse Campbell for Banana Republic

Best Harleys and Indians: Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum

Best Pair of Blue Jeans: 1927 Levi's 501XX

Best New Colorado Holiday: Rockies Opening Day

Best New Colorado Law: House Bill 1220 Motor Vehicle Rental for the Blind Reader's Choice: 75 MPH Speed Limit

Best New Colorado Law that Didn't Pass: Bronco Beer Bust

Best Plea by a Movie Guy to the Colorado Legislature: Woody Harrelson

Best Appearance by a Local Band in a National Movie: Zuba

Best Appearance by a Colorado Dentist in a National Controversy: John McDowell

Best Local Event Dedicated to a TV Series: The Gathering

Best Use of Ozzy Osbourne T-shirts: Clothing for Bosnians

Best Appearance by Colorado Babes in a National Commercial: The Book Babes for AlphaHydrox

Best Appearance by a Dead Celebrity in a Commercial for a Colorado Product: John Wayne for Coors Light

Best Reference to Colorado in a Recent Movie: The Net Reader's Choice: Things to Do in Denver When You Are Dead

Best Performance by a Radio Talk-show Host in a Movie: Peter Boyles

Best New Radio Talk-show Host: Dani Newsum, KOA-AM/850

Best Local Radio Talk-show Host: Lou from Littleton, KOA-AM/850 Reader's Choice: Peter Boyles (KTLK)

Best Radio Voice: Cernir Arruda Bredan, KUVO-FM/89.3

Best Local Radio DJ: Rockfish, KBPI-FM/106.7 Reader's Choice: Frosty, Frank, and Jamie (KALC, Alice)

Best Radio Weather Report: Dave Granger's "Magic 8-Ball Weather", KTCL-FM/93.3

Best Unplanned Talk-radio Debate: Mike Rosen v. Pat Schroeder

Best Eyes in the Sky: Al Verley, KOA-AM/850

Best Play-by-Play Man: Drew Goodman, Prime Sports Network

Best TV Morning-show Host: Gary Shapiro, KUSA-TV/Channel 9

Best Local TV News Anchor: Mitch Jelniker, KMGH-TV/Channel 7 Reader's Choice: Adele Arakawa (KUSA)

Best Local TV Weathercaster: Larry Green, KCNC-TV/Channel 4 Reader's Choice: Larry Green (KCNC)

Best Local TV Sportscaster: Tony Zarella, KMGH-TV/Channel 7 Reader's Choice: Ron Zappolo (KUSA)

Best Hair on a Local TV Personality--Female: Kathy Walsh, KCNC-TV/Channel 4 Reader's Choice: Adele Arakawa (KUSA)

Best Hair on a Local TV Personality--Male: Paul Joncich, KUSA-TV/Channel 9 Reader's Choice: Alan Gionet (KCNC)

Best Local O.J. Simpson Witness: John Gerdes

Best Local Bart Simpson Witnessed: Western Pacific Airlines

Best Defender of the First Amendment: Denver District Judge Herbert Stein

Best Place to Call When you Want to Marry your Cousin: Denver Clerk and Recorders Office

Best Guy to Find Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Panayoti Kelaidis, Rock Garden Curator, Denver Botanic Gardens

Best New Building: Denver Public Library, Valdez-Perry Branch Reader's Choice: Denver Public Library

Best Architectural Comeback: Air Force Academy

Best Office with a View: Aimcor

Best Rehab of a Modern Building: The Colorado Education Association Building

Best Rehab of a Historic Building: The Rio Grande Building

Best Last-Minute Save from the Wrecking Ball: El Jebel Shrine Temple

Best Thing About Ahnold Coming to LoDo: David Owen Tryba

Best Friend of Historic Architecture: Kathleen Brooker

Best Act of Kindness to Strangers: Chesney-Kleinjohn Apartments

Best Building Souvenirs: Gold from the Capitol

Best Safeway Makeover: Praxis Design

Best Place for Kids at the New DPL: Children's Pavilion

Best Place for Adults at the DPL: Second Floor

Best Suburban Library: Koelbel Public Library

Best Place to Find Culture in the Suburbs: Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

Best Town that Time Forgot: Golden

Best Place to Smoke in Boulder: Terrace Restaurant

Best Tunnel Fission: Stapleton tunnel explosions

Best New Tunnel: Speer Blvd and 6th Ave.

Best Wall of Heroes: Boulder County Sheriff's Dept

Best Brave Pig: Snort

Best Brave Dog: Dundee

Best Place to Find Rabbits in the Urban Jungle: Behind the Terminal Annex

Best Bat Fans: Colorado Bat Society

Best Birdhouses: Penthouses for Peregrines Project

Best Elephant: The Cedar Park Denver Urban Gardens

Best Leaf: The Castle Rock Fossil

Best Place to be Introduced to Denver History: Denver History Museum

Best Impromptu Jewish History Exhibit: Plaza Delicatessen

Best Up-and-Coming Neighborhood: Baker

Best New Park: Above the Speer Blvd tunnel

Best New Loft Project: The Overlook

Best Sign--Alcoholic: Vern's Restaurant and Lounge

Best Sign--Non-Alcoholic: "Travel by Train" Union Station

Best Scientific Hunk: Rob Kremer

Best Blaster of the Universe: Larry Esposito

Best Molecule: The Boulder Superatom

Best Undercover Law Enforcement: RTD Light Rail

Best Place to See the USA: Grant St. Plaza

Best Architectural Digress: Bail-Bondsman Row

Best Playground: Wyman Park at Wyman Elementary School

Best Use of a Historic Building: Palmer-Ferril House

Best Historic House: Joshel House

Best Historic Hotel: Hotel de Paris

Best Alternative to Rush Hour on Santa Fe: S. Platte River Dr.

Best Activity for Inmates: Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility

Best-Dressed Future Inmates: Clients of the Boulder Public Defender's Office

Best Legal Aid: Denver District Atty's Office

Best Place to Build a New Juvenile Jail: Cinderella City

Best Alcoholic Leverage: Turning beer into gasoline

Best Gas Station: Adams County Museum

Best Sneaky Vanity Plates: "Poor No"

Best Official Frightening Exhibit: Nat'l Eagle and Wildlife Property Repository

Best Unofficial Frightening Exhibit: Commerce City Library

Best Proof of the Power of Prayer: Mahmoud Abdul Rauf

Best Proof of the Power of Profits: Abundant Life Christian Center

Best New Religion: First Presleytarian Church of Elvis the Divine


Best New Public Gardens: Hudson Gardens

Best Get-Out-of-Denver-Fast Wilderness Hike: Herman Gulch Trail

Best Urban Scenic View: Cherry Creek Dam Road

Best Outdoor Basketball Court in the World: Mel Simon's House

Best Way to Leave your Cocoon: Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center

Best Place to Bug Out: May Natural History Museum of the Tropics

Best Easy Hike with Kids: Roxborough State Park

Best Use of Old Runways--While it Lasts: Lowry Air Force Base

Best Mountain Bike Trail: White Ranch Reader's Choice: White Ranch

Best Urban Bike Trail: Cherry Creek Reader's Choice: South Platte-Cherry Creek Trail

Best Roadside Urban Picnic: Creek Front

Best Martial Arts Dojo: Aikido Nippon Kan

Best Deals on Wheels: RTD's Annual Bike Drive

Best Stop for a Cyclist in Pain: Schwab Cycles

Best Egalitarian Bike Team: King of the Rockies Race Team

Best Family Fishing Spot: Pine Valley Ranch

Best Easy Access to a Mountain Lake for Fishing: Lake Jefferson

Best Women-Only Outdoor Classes: Wilderness Women Seminars

Best Women-Only Workouts: Women's Workout Co. 716-0150

Best New-age Workout: Shoshoni Yoga Retreat

Best Baywatch Imitation: Sunset Beach Fitness and Racquet Club

Best Health Club if you're Rich: Greenwood Athletic Club

Best Upscale Mountain Adventure: Hyatt Regency Beaver Creek

Best Downscale Summer Trip to the Mountains: Glenwood Springs

Best Flat-footed Ramble: Winter Park Showshoe Tours

Best Return to the Wild: Bluff Lake Wildlife Area

Best Inner-city Birding: City Park

Best Webbed Site for Hikers: Arapaho Nat'l Wildlife Refuge

Best Web Site for Hikers: Trails Illustrated Topo Talk Web Page

Best Armchair Excursion: Himalayan Explorers Club

Best Bowling Alley--Public: Lakewood Lanes Reader's Choice: Monaco Lanes

Best Bowling Alley--Private: Village Club

Best Lighted Alley: Brunswick Heather Ridge Lanes

Best Pool Hall: Shakespeare's

Best Public Tennis Courts: Washington Park

Best Audience Participation: Colorado Rapids Soccer

Best Fantasy Camp: Colorado Vintage Baseball Association Spring Training

Best New Golf Course: Fox Hollow at Lakewood

Best hole on a public golf course: No. 7, Indian Peaks Golf Course Reader's choice: The 18th on any

Best Hole on a Private Golf Course: No. 14, Cherry Hills Country Club Reader's Choice: No. 13, Arrowhead Golf Course

Best Place to Tee Off: Willis Case Golf Course

Best Classic Golf Course: Wellshire Golf Course

Best Cheap Ski Commute: RTD to Eldora

Best Luxury Ski Commute: Winter Park Ski Train

Best Ski Area for Snowboarders: Loveland Basin Reader's Choice: Loveland

Best Extreme Ski Run: East Face/North St. Pat's, Steamboat

Best Double-Diamond Ski Run: Highline, Vail Reader's Choice: Pallivicino, Arapahoe Basin

Best Blue Cruiser: Starfire, Keystone

Best Ski Run for Aging Knees: Cranmer, Winter Park Reader's Choice: Schoolmarm, Keystone

Best Way to Set the Kids Straight: Buffalo Ski Club

Best Ski School for Kids: Loveland Basin

Best Train Watching: Joint Line

Best Model Train Watching: Denver Society of Model Railroaders Association

Best Windsurfing Accessory: Windlines

Best Windsurfing--Rad and Adventurous: Chatfield Reservoir

Best Windsurfing--Motorless: Aurora Reservoir

Best Trail Races: Run With the animals

Best Fun Run: The Furry Scurry Reader's Choice: Bolder Boulder

Best Antidote to Cabin Fever: Barr Lake State Park

Best Antidote to Funplexes: Lakewood Historical Belmar Village

Best Beach for Transplanted Southern Californians: Cherry Creek State Park

Best Colorado Sports Plug: LL Cool J

Best Av: Patrick Roy Reader's Choice: Patrick Roy

Best Rockie: Ellis Burks Reader's Choice: Larry Walker

Best Rockie Rookie: Ryan Hawblitzel

Best Nugget: Antonio McDyess Reader's Choice: Dikembe Mutombo

Best Bronco: John Elway Reader's Choice: John Elway

Best Local Sports Team: Colorado Avalanche Reader's Choice: Colorado Avalanche

Best Local Sports Coach: Marc Crawford, Colorado Avalanche Reader's Choice: Marc Crawford

Best College Coach: Rick Neuheisel, CU Football

Best Pro Soccer Team: Colorado Foxes

Best DU Hockey Player: Antti Laaksonen

Best DU Baseball Player: Victor Moreno

Best CU Football Player: Koy Detmer

Best CU Sophomore Hoopster: Chauncey Billips

Best CSU Football Player: Damon Washington

Best Japanese Olympian: Yvonne Scott

Best Racing Greyhound: Oswald Cobblepot

Best Race-car Driver: Buddy Lazler

Best Tenth-Inning Watering Hole: Terminal Bar and Cafe

Best Batting Cage: Homers Batting Cages

Best Place to Pretend you're a Rockies Reliever: Speed Pitch at Coors Field

Best Monday Morning Quarterbacking: Lehrer's Printing and Office Supplies

Best Sign Held by an Avalanche Fan: "Florida, we gave you Klondike and Snow. We Keep the Stanley Cup."

Best Drink Dedicated to the Avalanche: Splinters from the Pine

Best Place to Put the Pepsi Center: Rocky Flats Reader's Choice: LoDo

Best Place to Put the New Broncos Stadium: Cherry Hills Village Reader's Choice: Up Bowlen's Ass

Best Way to Pay for the New Broncos Stadium: Other People's Money Reader's Choice: Pat Bowlen for Dollars


Best Free Service: Mile High Courtesy Patrol Reader's Choice: 16th St. Mall ride

Best Flee Service: Freedom Cab

Best Visa/MasterCard Vendor: Denver County Jail

Best ATM Machine: Denver Police Headquarters

Best Place to Cop Some Stuff: Colorado State Patrol Specialty Store

Best Delivery to your Door: Denver Art Supply Reader's Choice: US Postal Service

Best Delivery to their Door: Project Angel Heart

Best Way to Dispose of an Old Car: Boys and Girls Clubs of Denver

Best Place to Dispose of your Kids While Grocery Shopping: King Soopers

Best Place for a Kid's Birthday Party: Golden Community Center

Best Not-too-Cute Children's Clothing: Ava Kids

Best Place for a Highland Fling: Things Scottish, Ltd.

Best Place to Get in the Game: It's Your Move

Best Gadgets for Kids: Into the Wind

Best Alternative to Toys 'R' Us: Ginger and Pickles

Best Antique Toy Trains: Olio's

Best Antique Real Trains: Colorado Railroad Museum

Best Junk-Cum-Antique Store: Stage Stop Antique Mall

Best Place to Buy Dirty Magazines: DIA Reader's Choice: Kitty's

Best Heavy Metals: OK Antique Plating Co.

Best Gargoyles: Enigma

Best Deal on Sewing Machines: Bernina Sewing Center

Best Place to Buy Quiana and Ultrasuede by the Yard: Hancock Fabrics

Best Bargains on Major Appliances: Sears Retail Outlet store

Best Bargains on Doc Martens: The Garment District

Best Place to Buy Cowboy Boots: Hills Bros. Boots

Best Place to Buy Athletic Shoes: Gart Sports

Best Place to Walk Out of: The Walking Co.

Best Ski-boot Fitters: Colorado Ski and Golf

Best Sports Equipment Deal: Boulder Sports Recycler

Best Snowboard Shop--Flatland: Colorado Snowboards

Best Snowboard Shop--Mountain: Underground Snowboard Outlet

Best Snowshoes: Redfeather Snowshoes, Inc.

Best Place for Rad Snowboard Clothes: Twist Snowboard Shop

Best Way to Look Sporting for Cheap: Hind Outlet Store

Best Place to Decorate your Head: The Art of Craft

Best Place to...Oh, it Probably Came to you Already: The Colorado Psychic Center Gift Store

Best Illusionist: Charlee Deaton, Kroma Design

Best Place to Get Waisted: Uzi

Best Free Postcards: Wahoo's Fish Tacos

Best Place to Buy Postcards: Avant-Card

Best Place for the Masses to Learn Italian: Macaroni Grill

Best Paper: Two Hands Paperie

Best Newsstand: Johnny's Newsstand Reader's Choice: Newsland

Best Outlaw Fantasy Bookstore: Paladin Arms

Best Animal Bookstore: Barr Lake Nature Center

Best Used Books: Broadway from 1st to Alameda Aves. Reader's Choice: Ichabod's

Best Literary Ties: Denver Public Library Store

Best Place for Best Sellers: Media Play

Best Place for Best Smellers: Pampered Pets

Best Estate Planning for Animals: Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Best Daycare for Dogs: Doggy Day Camp

Best Dog Bathhouse: Mutt Puddles

Best Dog-Poop Salute: Cheeseman Park

Best Dog Tutor: Barbara Handler

Best Dog Biscuit Bakery Named After a Cat: Cosmo's Dog Biscuit Bakery

Best Doggy Tuneup: The Alpine Animal Hospital Southwest

Best Body Tuneup: The Oxford Aveda Spa and Salon and Athletic Club

Best Personal-Care Products: Aveda Environmental Lifestyle Store

Best Hair to Dye for: Dewey's Salon

Best Dreadlocks: The Cutting Edge

Best Place to Buy Nudie Ice Cube Trays: Fish Head Soup

Best Place to Shop on Christmas Eve: Tattered Cover LoDo

Best Judaica: Boutique Judaica

Best Place to Find your Own Path: Denver Brick Co.

Best Place to Buy Cut Flowers: Fresh Flower Market Reader's Choice: Lehrer's

Best Bouquets for Hay Fever Sufferers: Candy Blossoms

Best Gardener's Shangri-la: Wild Flowers

Best Swap Group for Green Thumbs: Gardener's Exchange

Best Perennial Bedding Plants: Al Pine's

Best Place to Buy a Christmas Tree: Elmer's Clean Up Service

Best Reptile Purveyors: Jersey John's Pet Supply

Best Place to Buy a Feathered Friend: Colorado Seed and Pet

Best Buffalo Clothing: The Legacy Collection

Best Place for Clothes that Won't Make her Look Like a Middle-Aged Yuppie--Retail: Fashion Nation

Best Place for Clothes that Won't Make her Look Like a Middle-Aged Yuppie--Discount: Repeat Boutique

Best Place for Clothes that Won't Make Him Look Like a Middle-Aged Yuppie--Retail: Groovalistic

Best Place for Clothes that Won't Make Him Look Like a Middle-Aged Yuppie--Discount: American Aces

Best Mall: Cherry Creek Reader's Choice: Cherry Creek

Best Hole-in-the-Wall Boutique: Eccentricity

Best Upscale Boutique: Barbara and Co.

Best Place to Buy Costumes for a Jane Austen Party: Come-Hither

Best Consignment Shop: Persnickity's

Best Place to Buy Buddhist Jewelry: Tibet Colorado

Best Place to Buy a Birthday Present for a Gay Guy: Heaven Sent Me

Best Monthly Parking in LoDo: Central Parking

Best Validated Parking in LoDo: Wynkoop Brewing Co.

Best Place to Fix your Ticker: All Hours Clocks and Watches

Best Place to Buy Tupperware that's Mot a Tupperware Party: ARC Thrift Store

Best Gate Expectations: Alameda Ornamental Iron

Best Sneaky Service: Mate-Check Investigations

Best Yellow Pages Ad: Atomic Bail Bonds

Best Place to Get Worked Over by a Russian: IZBA Spa

Best Place to Buy a New Guitar: Aurora Pawn Shop and Music

Best Place to Buy an Old Guitar: House of Music

Best Place to Tickle the Ivories: Keyboard Exchange, Inc.

Best Hardware Store: Valore Hardware Co.

Best Superstore: Barnes and Noble Booksellers Reader's Choice: Super K-Mart Center

Best Pharmacy: Tobin's Pharmacy

Best Newspaper Readings for the Blind: Radio Reading Service of the Rockies

Best Tours for the Handicapped: Tourmaster Services, Inc.

Best Internet Service Provider: Colorado Supernet

Best Driving Lessons: Internet Store

Best Local Web Page: Find-A-Grave, Reader's Choice: Bluebird Theatre

Best Local Literary Web Page:

Best Computer Repair: Computer Alliance

Best Place to Buy Software: Incredible Universe

Best Mobile Computer Lab: CompuKids

Best Local Virtual Catalogue: Ronnie Cramer's Cult Film page,

Best Recycling Service: Triangle Recycling Reader's Choice: King Soopers

Best Pop Stop: Marshall Liquors Parking Lot

Best Place to Rope a Stogie: The Smokers Inn

Best Airline: Frontier Reader's Choice: United

Best Airport: Colorado Springs Municipal Airport

Best Airport Vendor: DIA Conoco Reader's Choice: The Body Shop

Best Wacky Hospital Scrubs: Crazy Scrubs, Inc.

Best of Both Medical Worlds: American Holistic Center

Best Soul Searching: Soul Strollin': Denver's Black Entertainment Guide

Best Place to be Cool in the Suburbs: Black and Read

Best Video Store: The Video Station

Best Place to Buy New CDs: Wax Trax

Best CD Store Expansion: Twist and Shout

Best Place to Buy Used Records: Jerry's Record Exchange

Best International CDs: Tower Records

Best Used Jazz CDs: Doubleplay Records

Best Holiday Gifts for Movie Buffs: Mayan Theatre

Best 16th Street Mall Vendor: Mardi Gras Market Reader's Choice: Tristan, the 50 cent Hot Dog Man.

Best Place to Buy Girl Scout Cookies: My Brother's Bar

Best Grocery Store: Leever's Foods Reader's Choice: King Soopers


Best Free Entertainment: Ruby Hill on the 4th of July Reader's Choice: People's Fair

Best Place to Blow your Own Horn: Greek Theater, Civic Center Park

Best Gang Bangers: Boulder Creek Drum Circle

Best Arts Festival: Chile Harvest Fest Reader's Choice: Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Best Alternative Arts Festival: Left Bank Fest

Best Mural: 3776 Walnut St. Reader's Choice: Five Points Media

Best Yard Art: 1659 Gilpin St.

Best Famous Artist Whose Time Has Come: Phil Bender

Best Place to Buy Museum-Quality Art: Deaccessioning Auction

Best Place to See Museum-Quality Art While Cashing Checks: UMB Bank Lobby

Best Place to See the Work of Artists who Have Been Arrested for Drawing: Sloane Gallery

Best Schlocky Show: Int'l Mona Lisa Mail Art

Best Designer Stamps: James Balog, US Endangered Species Stamps

Best Improvement of an Alternative Space: Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis

Best Art Opening: Saints and Sinners: Mackey Gallery

Best Installation Show: Virginia Folkestad's Vital Connections

Best Solo Show by an Emerging Artist: Bill Stockman's Sounding

Best Solo Show by a Local Artist: Dale Chisman Reader's Choice: Phil Bender at Pirate Gallery

Best Solo Show by an Out-of-Town Artist: Manuel Neri

Best Local Group Show: The Traveling Show Reader's Choice: Edge Invitational 1996

Best Photo Show: The Nude

Best Retrospective Exhibition: Roland Detre Retrospective, Inkfish Gallery

Best Museum Exhibit--Temporary: Pure Painting, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Reader's Choice: Mongolia at Denver Art Museum

Best Outdoor Art Show: The Fragility of Permanence, Artyard Gallery

Best Blockbuster Exhibit: Real West, Colorado History Museum, Denver Public Library, Denver Art Museum

Best Art Cooperative to Survive Against all Odds: Open Press

Best New Public Art--Indoors: Robert Motherwell, Denver Art Museum Reader's Choice: Lao-Tzu at Denver Public Library

Best New Public Art--Outdoors: Mark Suazo's "Lao Tzu", Acoma Plaza

Best Traditional-Style Art Show: Dennis Miller Bunker, Denver Art Museum

Best Art Save: Herbert Bayer's "Anaconda", Denver Art Museum

Best Art Loss: Dean Fleming's "Cube" Burns Park

Best Multicultural Exhibit: Latin American Women Artist's Show, Denver Art Museum and Museo de las Americas

Best View of New Mexico from Colorado: Impressions of the Southwest, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanties

Best Show About the history of New Mexico: En Divina Luz: Penitente Moradas of New Mexico, Museo de las Americas

Best Caballeros and Lowriders: Carlos Fresquez

Best Black Art Gallery: Mosadi's Collections

Best Crafts Gallery: Boulder Arts and Crafts Cooperative

Best Effort to Preserve Traditions: Master/Apprentice Grant Program, Colorado Council on the Arts

Best Recycling of Local Art Talent: Debra Jordy

Best Local Dance Ensemble: Kim Robards Dance

Best Place for Seniors to Learn to Line Dance: North Suburban Medical Center

Best Storytime: Virginia Village Library

Best Poetry Readings: Toads in the Garden

Best Local Poet: Rawdon Tomlinson

Best Unlikely Spot for Poetry Performances: Soapy Smith's Eagle Bar

Best Poetry Performance: "Reign of the Scar Clan"

Best Experimental Theater Piece: Lucifer Tonite, CityStage Ensemble

Best Window on Another World: The Rez Sisters, Her Acting Group

Best Supernatural Performance: Beethoven 'N' Pierrot, Denver Center Theatre Co.

Best Transcendent Theater: The Three Sisters, Ad Hoc Theatre

Best Nasty Theater: My Sister in this House, CityStage Ensemble

Best Avant-Garde Approach to Historic Material: The Investigation, Director's Theatre

Best Brat Pack: SubUrbia, Theater on Broadway

Best Physically Challenging Performance: Brian Hill

Best Twisted Sister: Carla Kaiser

Best Family Show: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, The Physically Handicapped Amateur Musical Actors League

Best Eclectic Performer: Deborah Persoff

Best Supporting Actress: Leslie Hansen

Best Supporting Actor: Richard Nelson

Best Performance By an Actor: Kevin Bartlett

Best Performance By an Actress: Rebekah Buric

Best Performance by a Director in His Own Show: Frank Georgianna

Best Director: Anthony Powell, Denver Center Theatre Co.

Best New Additions to the Theater Scene: Chip Walton and Emily Newman Walton

Best New Play: James Cannon's Sports Talk 2000

Best Musical: Grand Hotel, Boulder Dinner Theatre

Best Operatic Musical: Three Penny Opera, Central City Opera

Best Jack-of-all-Theater Trades: Nicholas Sugar

Best Production: Galileo, Denver Center Theatre Co. Reader's Choice: Psycho Beach Party

Best of Show: Jamie Horton

Best Local Theater Company: Theatre on Broadway Reader's Choice: Theater on Broadway

Best Theater for Watching a Matinee Alone: Thornton Town Center United Artists

Best Movie Theater--Big-Screen: The Continental

Best Movie Theater--Neighborhood: The Esquire

Best Outdoor Theater: Boulder Almost Free Outdoor Cinema

Best New Concession Items: UA Greenwood Plaza

Best Cult Run: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Esquire Theatre

Best Revival Run: Taxi Driver, The Mayan Theatre

Best Revival House: Bluebird Theater

Best Movie Theater Revival: Cinderella Twin Drive-In

Best Film at the Denver Film Festival: From the Journals of Jean Seberg

Best Sleeper at the Denver Film Festival: Mother Dao, Turtlelike

Best pre- or post-movie watering hole: Piatti Ristorante

Best Campus Film Series: CU International Film Series

Best Filmic Provocateur: Joe Christ

Best Movie Soundtrack: City Lights, Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Best Music-Video One-Two Punch: Teletunes and Musiclink

Best Free Music--Classical: Lamont School of Music

Best Free Music--Jazz: City Park Jazz

Best Outdoor Music: Sunset Strolls in the Gardens, Denver Botanic Gardens

Best Local Rock Band: The Apples Reader's Choice: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Best Local C&W Band: The Denver Gentlemen Reader's Choice: Rattlesnake Shake

Best Local Dance Band: Foreskin 500 Reader's Choice: Lord of Word and the Disciples of Bass

Best Local Rap Band: Deuce Mob Reader's Choice: Lord of Word and the Disciples of Bass

Best Local Hippie-Hop Band: Pepperment

Best Hip-hop Video Show: Hip-Hop Madness

Best Local Ska Band: Judge Roughneck

Best World-Music Group: The Buzz Band

Best Native Sounds: Red Tail Chasing Hawks

Best Senior Composer: Jon Deak

Best Junior Composer: Jheremy Campbell

Best Classical Guitarist: Ricardo Iznaola

Best Choral Ensemble: Colorado Children's Chorale

Best Percussionist: Ty Burhoe

Best Local Jazz Band: Sam Coffman's Cat Unit Reader's Choice: Dotsero

Best a Cappella Group: Cool Shooz

Best Local Blues Band: The Lionel Young Band Reader's Choice: Stanley Milton

Best Local Rockabilly Band: The Dalheart Imperials

Best Local Singer-Songwriter: Sherri Jackson

Best Rock Album by a Local Band on a Major Label: 16 Horsepower, Sackcloth and Ashes

Best Rock Album by a Local Band on a National Indie Label: The Apples, Funtricknoisemaker

Best Local Recording: Won Lump Some, Clean Hits Reader's Choice: ADR "Walking in Sand"

Best Local Jazz Recording: Ron Miles, My Cruel Heart

Best Local CD Packaging: Meanface, Meanface

Best Local C&W CD: Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Slim Cessna's Auto Club

Best Local C&W Label: Bohemia Beat

Best Local Power-Pop Label: Not Lame Recording Co.

Best Concert: Steve Earle, Bluebird Theater, March 28, 1996 Reader's Choice: Children's Chorale

Best Club DJ: John Chamie Reader's Choice: DJ K-nee

Best Band Name: The Hate Fuck Trio

Best Spelling of a Band Name: Wryeteous Pybayk Jammbory

Best Band Name Change: The Damn Shambles

Best Rock Lexicographer: Hardrock Gunter

Best Denver Rock-Scene Survivor: The Rok Tots

Best MTV Survivor: Rebecca Blasband

Best Club Kids: The Sugar Twist Kids

Best Spectacle-Maker: Tom Headbanger

Best Answering-Machine Message: Timothy P. Irvin

Best Musical Return from the Grave: Tommy Bolin

Best Defunct Radio Station: KNRX-FM/92.1 (92X)

Best Folk-Music Club: Penny Lane Coffee House

Best Eclectic Club: Mercury Cafe

Best Punk Club: Lion's Lair Reader's Choice: Lion's Lair

Best C&W Club: The Grizzly Rose Reader's Choice: Stampede

Best All-ages Club: Club Synergy Reader's Choice: (america.)

Best After-hours Club: Club Synergy Reader's Choice: Club Synergy

Best Fifties Flashback: The Hi-Spot

Best Saturday Night Cruising Music: All Blues, KUVO-FM/89.3

Best Blues Club: Ebony Rose Supper Club and Lounge Reader's Choice: Ziggie's Saloon

Best Blues Jam: Brendan's Pub

Best Jazz Club: Vartan Jazz Reader's Choice: El Chapultepec

Best New Jazz Venue: Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Best Jazz Radio Show: Andy O'Leary's Jazztown, KUVO-FM/89.3

Best Jazz Stop for Nonprofessional Musicians: The Colorado Jazz Workshop

Best-Booked Venue: Fox Theater And Cafe

Best Band to Cover "Jailhouse Rock" and Mean It: The Otter Popps

Best Use of a Sex Toy in Public: Fox Force Five

Best Gay Bar: Club Proteus

Best Straight Bar for Gays: (america)

Best Piano Bar for Bald Heads: Charlie Brown's

Best Piano Bar for Shaved Heads: Herb's Hideout

Best Wine List--Price: Enoteca

Best Wine List--Selection: Enoteca

Best Martini: Purple Martini

Best Breakfast Under $2: Denny's

Best Brunch Buffet: Fresh Fish Co.

Best ... La Carte Brunch: Wellshire Inn

Best Power Lunch: Strings

Best Outdoor Patio: Rock Bottom Brewery

Best Place for Dinner After 10 p.m.: Pete's Kitchen

Best Dessert: Marie Callendar's

Best Children's Menu: Paul's Place

Best Thin Pizza: Anthony's Pizza

Best Thick Pizza: Beau Jo's

Best Hot Dog: Coors Field

Best Hamburger: Vic's Yankee Dollar Special

Best Fries: McDonald's

Best Wings: Hooters

Best Barbecued Ribs: Sam Taylor's BBQ

Best Chips and Salsa: Firehouse

Best Green Chile: Chubby's

Best Soft Chile Relleno: Las Delicias

Best Crispy Chile Relleno: Blue Bonnet

Best Burrito: Chipotle

Best Breakfast Burrito: Pete's Kitchen

Best Taco: Taco Bell

Best Fish Taco: Gustavo's Fish Tacos

Best Pasta Restaurant: Basil

Best Italian Restaurant: Carmine's on Penn

Best Chinese Restaurant: Imperial

Best Japanese Restaurant: Sushi Den

Best Thai Restaurant: Taste of Thailand

Best Vietnamese Restaurant: New Saigon

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: New Jerusalem

Best Fusion Restaurant: Firehouse

Best Romantic Restaurant: Cliff Young's

Best New Restaurant (since June 1995): Starfish


Best Way to Flip Off the Food Police--Italian: Al Fresco

Best Way to Flip Off the Food Police--Chinese: Tommy's Oriental Food

Best Way to Flip Off the Food Police--Mexican: La Casa del Rey

Best Way to Recover from Flipping Off the Food Police: Mediterranean Health Cafe

Best Place to Binge and Purge: Bump and Grind

Best Place to Satisfy a Craving: Breakfast Inn Dinner Too

Best Table for Exhibitionist Sex: Finnegan's Pub

Best Table for Surreptitious Sex: Old Stone Church

Best Romantic Booths: Anastasia Vieux Carre

Best Romantic Restaurant: Tuscany Restaurant, Loews-Giorgio Hotel

Best Power Lunch: Ellyngton's

Best Bohemian Power Lunch: The Hornet

Best Place to Have a Business Drink: The Profile

Best Place to Meet a Rich Old Man: Mel's Bar and Grill

Best Old-Time Diner: The J&L Cafe

Best New Old-Time Diner: Matt's Diner

Best Place for Dinner After 10 p.m.: City Spirit Cafe

Best 4 a.m. Grub: Breakfast King

Best way to go home with a ball from Coors Field: Rocky Mountain Oyster Co.

Best Food Bargain at Coors Field: Buckaroos

Best Fast Food for Laid-Back Noshers: Caribbean Bakery

Best One-Stop Shop and Nosh: Lanie's Philippine Market & Kitchenette

Best Take-Out Dim Sum: Celestial Bakery

Best Place to Have it your Way: Cucina Leone

Best Left-Handed Compliment: Philadelphia Filly

Best Way to Kill Three Animas with One Fork: Bistro Adde Brewster

Best Goulash: Cafe International

Best Way to Quiche Cooking Goodbye: The Quiche Factory

Best Ceviche in a South American Nightclub: Los Cabos II

Best Place to Find Relatives of Your Meal Watching you Eat: The Italian Fisherman

Best Destination for the Mussel-Bound: Aubergine Cafe

Best Seafood Restaurant: Starfish

Best Breakfast Under $2: Bronco Burgers

Best Brunch Buffet: Ellygton's

Best ... La Carte Brunch: Kate's

Best All-you-can-Eat Deal: Mr. Panda

Best Vietnamese Buffet: Cafe Saigon

Best School Lunchroom: Eliot Street Cafe

Best Dinner Under $5: Chef's Noodle House

Best Take-out Picnic: Cucina Leone

Best Salad Bar: Gussie's

Best Downtown Salad Bar: Laughing Dog Market & Deli

Best Portable Vegetarian Lunch: St. Mark's Coffeehouse

Best Food Cart: Bento Bar

Best Caesar Salad: Bella Ristaurante

Best Organic Salad in a Pizzeria: Pasquini's Pizzeria

Best Salad Dressing: Cafe Brazil

Best Deviled Eggs: East Coast Italian Deli

Best Wings: Hot Wings to Go

Best Weck: Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck (BW3)

Best Sandwiches in a Coffeehouse: The Art of Coffee

Best Sandwiches: Wild Oats

Best Hot Dog: New York Delicatessen

Best Hamburger: Trinity Grille

Best Place to Buy Cheap Buffalo Stew: Mountain Man Steakhouse

Best Natural Meats: Coleman Natural Meats

Best Cheesesteak: Famous Philly Cheesesteak

Best Steaks: Beacon Grill

Best Mashed Potatoes Just Like Mom Makes: Jus' Cookin's

Best Mashed Potatoes Just Like Mom Makes if She's Julia Child: Papillon

Best Sweet Potatoes: NoNo's Cafe

Best French Fries: Annie's Cafe

Best Fried Chicken: New Orient

Best Chicken-Fried Chicken: Deno's 6 & 85

Best Chicken-Fried Steak: Mr. D's Restaurant and Lounge

Best Fried Catfish: A&A Fish Restaurant

Best Fried Rice: Princess Garden

Best Fried Anything: Yorkshire Fish & Chips

Best Fried Spaghetti: Apples Corner Brunchery

Best Plate of Spaghetti: Canino's Trattoria

Best Thin Pizza: 240 Union

Best In-Between Pizza: Angelo's Pizza Parlor

Best Thick Pizza: Pantaleone's

Best Minestrone: Pagliacci's

Best Lasagne: Dino's Italian Food

Best Pasta Deal: Cosolo's

Best Pasta Restaurant: Pastina

Best Italian Restaurant: Marsala's Ristorante

Best Barbecued Ribs: Sam Taylor's Bar-B-Q at the Links at City Park

Best Breaded Ribs: Golden Europe

Best French Toast: Diced Onions

Best Breads: Daily Bread Bakery & Cafe

Best Breadsticks: Bobby Dazzler

Best Challah Dough: The Bagel Store

Best Focaccia: Denver Bread Co.

Best Muffins: Rockies Deli & Bakery

Best Bagel: Moe's Broadway Bagels

Best Beignets: Lucile's

Best Cinnamon Rolls: Grandma's Oven Bakery/Cafe

Best Bakery: Child's Pastry Garden/Child's Pastry Shop

Best Cookies the Size of Hubcaps: First Colorado Muffin Co.

Best Apple Pie: Granny Scott's Apple Pie

Best Carrot Cake: Mama Pirogi's & Other Pleasantries

Best Cherries Jubilee: Cafe Franco

Best Ice Cream Flavor: Ice Cream Makers

Best Dessert: Zenith

Best Guilt-Free Desserts: Sugar-Less Sensations

Best Quick Fix for Chocoholics: Russell Stover Candies

Best Microbrew Dessert: Really Stout Sundae, Denver Chophouse & Brewery

Best Local Microbrew: Railyard Ale, Wynkoop Brewing Co. Reader's Choice: Breckenridge

Best Local Microbrew--Scottish Ale: Road Dog Scottish ale, Broadway Brewing Pub

Best Local Microbrew--Pale Ale: Punjabi India Pale Ale, CooperSmith's Pub & Brewing

Best Local Microbrew--Lager: Long Iron Pilsner, Irons Brewing Co.

Best Local Microbrew--Stout: Golden City Oatmeal Stout, Golden City Brewery

Best Local Microbrew--Porter: St. Brigid's Porter, Great Divide Brewing Co.

Best Local microbrew--fruit: Blueberry Ale, Oasis Brewery

Best Local Microbrew--Wheat: Tabernash Weiss, Tabernash Brewing Co.

Best Microbrew Made by Rocket Scientists: Pumper Porter, Pumphouse Brewery & Restaurant

Best Microbrewery to Visit with the Kids: Golden City Brewery

Best Brewpub: Broadway Brewing Pub Reader's Choice: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best Root Beer: Phantom Canyon Brewing Co.

Best Place to get Juiced: Jamaica juice Co.

Best Lemonade: Mangia Subs

Best Shakes: Muddy's

Best Exotic Teas: Lost World Coffeehouse

Best Alternative Use of an Espresso Machine: The Newsstand Cafe

Best Espresso Con Panna: Full Moon Grill & Pasta

Best Cheap Grande Latte: Starbucks

Best Cup of Coffee: The Daily Grind

Best Coffee Cup: Gallery Coffeehouse

Best Wine-Tasting Room in an Art Gallery: Stoney Mesa Winery, Dia Star Colorado Artist Gallery

Best Beer Selection in a Liquor Store: Union Liquors

Best Beer Selection in a Restaurant: Old Chicago

Best Wine List--Selection: Today's Gourmet/Highlands Garden Cafe

Best Wine List--Price: Fourth Story

Best Wine List--by the Glass: Teddy Roosevelt, American Grille, Hotel Boulderado

Best Martini: Purple Martini

Best Classic Martini: Morton's of Chicago

Best Margarita: Croc's Cafe

Best Happy Hour Spread: Diamond Caberet Reader's Choice: Diamond Caberet/Sfuzzi's

Best outdoor patio: Rick's Blue Water Grill

Best Outdoor Patio with Bar: Lodo's Bar & Grill

Best Children's Menu: Paul's Place

Best Place to Let Kids be Kids: Grand Slam Sports Cafe

Best Place for a Hot Time: Calido Chile Traders

Best Solution to Hot Summer Weather: Paleteria La Mexicana

Best Chips and Salsa: Zolo Grill

Best Traditional Lenten Dishes: Rosa Linda Mexican Cafe

Best Place to Buy a Whole Cow's Head: Longmont Packing #1 Carniceria & Taqueria

Best Panaderia: Panaderia & Pasteleria Santa Fe

Best Green Chile: Johnnie's Market

Best Gringo Green Chile: Newbarry's

Best Menudo: Sidewinder Lounge

Best Taco: Las Palmas Jr.

Best Taco Bargain: Taco House

Best Budget Take-Out Tamales: Los Reyes Mexican Restaurant

Best Soft Chile Relleno: Rincon Tropical

Best Crispy Chile Relleno: 15th Avenue Grill

Best Burrito: Chipotle Mexican Grill

Best Breakfast Burrito: Krameria Cafe

Best Brains Burrito: El Taco de Mexico

Best Mongrel Burrito: Wahoo's Fish Tacos

Best Cheek-Meat Burrito: Taqueria Patzcuaro

Best Fish Taco: Jalapeno Mexican Grill

Best Fresh-Mexican Grill: Zuma

Best Asian Market: Little Saigon Supermarket

Best Chinese Restaurant: Golden Plate

Best Hot-and-Sour Soup: Little Yen King

Best Thai Restaurant: Taste of Thailand

Best Japanese Restaurant: Mori

Best Sushi High-Rise: Restaurant Japon

Best Vietnamese Restaurant: New Saigon

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: Jerusalem

Best Indian Food in a Coffee Shop: Maruti Gourmet Coffee

Best Indian Restaurant: MijBani

Best French Restaurant: The Savoy

Best Cultural Center and Market: Old San Juan Groceries

Best Fusion Restaurant: Michael's of Cherry Creek

Best Restaurant Resurrection: Aritculate Cafe

Best New Restaurant: Starfish

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