Bob Schaffer speaking in Montrose earlier this week.

Bob Schaffer's new campaign strategy: cast liberals as soft on Nazis

Republican senatorial candidate Bob Schaffer needs a game-changer right now, given the size of Democratic opponent Mark Udall's lead in most polls. So why not imply that liberals wanted to mollycoddle the Third Reich? That's the apparent strategy behind his comments in the following video clip, in which Schaffer tells a voter that had left-winters' nefarious plot succeeded, we would all be "speaking German right now." Now, in the school I went to, I was told that the president during most of World War II was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who's generally regarded to be the most liberal chief executive of the 20th century, and the isolationist America First movement that opposed going into battle against Hitler and his minions was led by conservatives like Charles Lindbergh. Then again, maybe that was all propaganda.

See Schaffer's take by clicking "More." -- Michael Roberts

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