Bobble Yourself Like Matt Holliday and Tulo

Unless you are Matt Holliday or Troy Tulowitzki, it’s unlikely that you will have a bobblehead night set aside just for you (and if you are Holliday or Tulo, would you mind autographing one of the bobbleheads from my collection?).

But thanks to XM Radio, you can see what your shiny mug would look like affixed by a wobbly neck to a baseball body. This site allows you to create your own digital bobblehead and send it to friends.

Of course, Matt's bobblehead night is coming up Saturday, July 5, when the first 10,000 fans through the doors of Coors Field will take one home.

And speaking of Matt Holliday, he needs your help.

Wednesday, July 2, is the second to last day to submit your vote for the Major League Baseball All-Star team. Holliday made it last year as a last-minute substitution. This year, he is battling for a spot among the outfielders (he was seventh in the balloting as of Saturday).

Yeah, the Rockies suck, but we still love them.

You can vote online today and tomorrow at this website. – Jonathan Shikes

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