Bolder Boulder: Baby-wearing moms and dads to walk six miles with Junior strapped on

Baby strollers can be great. They're great for pushing babies at the park, carrying shopping bags at the mall or filling with tin cans redeemable for five cents each.

Know what they're not great for? Running road races. To the non-stroller-pushing runner, there's nothing more frustrating than spending the first mile of a 5K bobbing and weaving in and out of neon-colored futuristic baby carriages with monster-truck wheels like the race course is friggin' Frogger.

But I can shut up now, because Robert Antunovic and his wife, Elizabeth, have come up with a solution: Instead of pushing your baby in a spaceship cleverly disguised as a stroller, just strap your baby on instead. On you, that is, à la the fat guy in The Hangover.

The Antonuvics are the owners of the Boulder-based company NAP, Inc., which makes a product called the Sleepy Wrap. They're also big proponents of baby-wearing in general, as evident from a section on their website touting the practice's myriad benefits.

To promote baby-wearing awareness, the Antonuvics have organized a group of forty to fifty baby-wearing Boulderites to walk in Monday's Bolder Boulder 10K race.

"It's an experiment," Robert Antonuvic says. "It's showing that even if you have small kids, you can do fun events. It's not like, you have a newborn, you can't do anything."

While Antonuvic says baby-wearing is quickly becoming vogue in Boulder, he hopes his army of baby-wearers will help spread the word even further. "We have a booth at the end (of the race) with some baby carriers so we can show other people how to use them," he says.

Please do. While it may not stop the spaceship-strollers from invading local 5Ks -- never, never, never run 3.1 miles with a baby -- it may drop the hint.

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