Born in the Fog

The drive into work this morning was a thing of absolute beauty. A heavy fog was draped around the city like a thick winter coat, and Born in the Flood's latest (specifically "In Debt to the Heart") was on my iPod. I was staring out the window as the 122x made its way down the I-25 corridor, when suddenly a typically humdrum stretch of road in between Thornton Parkway and 88th was transformed into a stunning backdrop for an impromptu concept video. With inexplicable cactus-like dessert shrubbery jutting out through frozen tundra framed by the walls of fog, the image looked like a widescreen adaptation of an Anton Corbijn photo come to life. And Born in the Flood provided the perfect soundtrack; as Nathaniel Rateliff's voice ascended heavenward (evoking Sean Kelly in the process -- unwittingly, I'm sure), a murmuring Rhodes and droning organ braided together beneath.

It was a remarkable scene -- but, of course, I could just be romanticizing the whole thing. If you haven't noticed, I'm completely smitten right now with If This Thing Should Spill and literally counting the minutes until tomorrow night's show at the Gothic. Regardless, it's these brief, unexpected moments in life that steal the breath from my lungs. -- Dave Herrera

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Dave Herrera
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