Boulder B-cycle: Google helps get new bike-sharing program rolling

With the success of Denver's B-cycle program, it was only a matter of time until Boulder, our pedalicous neighbor to the north, would be clamoring, "Me too! Me too!" It turns out Boulderites won't have to wait much longer: A recent Boulder City Council report noted Boulder B-cycle will be rolling out with 25 stations and 200 bikes in April or May of this year, and it will be funded in part by Google.

According to a report on DenverUrbanism.com, the Boulder City Council presentation noted Boulder's B-cycle program would feature bikes, stations and prices similar to Denver's version, which was the first of its kind in the country. Denver B-cyclers will also be happy to note their Denver memberships will be honored in Boulder's system, too. As demonstrated by the map below, the initial scheme for Boulder focuses around downtown, with no stations yet on the campus or the Hill -- but there will likely be future expansion.

Such an expansion could be helped by the fact that Boulder B-cycle just announced a $25,000 grant from the Google Community Grants Fund at the Tides Foundation, which is all about using technology to reduce environmental impacts. That's a step in the right direction for the B-cycle program, which is hoping to raise $1 million between now and May to supplement the $250,000 grant it received from the city of Boulder.

Sounds like Boulderites are ready to put the pedal to the metal.

More from our News archive: "B-cycle launches an iPhone app to help you find and return its big red bikes."

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