Boulder Valley students' fake snow day announcement causes social media freakout

At this writing, as we've noted, a big snowstorm predicted throughout the week has yet to materialize, but it's said to be coming around midday. No matter how much white stuff falls, though, a snow day is unlikely to be announced for the Boulder Valley School District, which didn't grant one on Tuesday despite 13.9 inches of accumulation from the storm that hit the day before. So pranksters called their own via a fake web page -- see it below -- that's still causing ripples on social media.

The district has a well-earned reputation for not calling snow days. As noted by the Boulder Daily Camera, the most recent one took place in February -- of last year. Hence, Monday tweets like this one....

...and this one....

...and this one:

The sentiment above apparently inspired unknown BVSD students, who mocked up the following web page, as shared by the Daily Camera:

Predictably, the folks at the school district weren't amused when this image started circulating via social media. They reacted by posting a link to the district's official website, bvsd.org, on the district's Facebook page, and tweeted entreaties to ignore the bogus closure notice.

In response, plenty of students and parents shared their displeasure at the decision not to close school on the aforementioned BVSD Facebook page -- and they didn't always use nice language.

Continue for more about the fake closure notice for the Boulder Valley School District. At one point yesterday, the district's Facebook page's overseer wrote, "BVSD welcomes comments on our updates. We do ask that people state their positions in a respectful manner that models positive civic behavior for our P-12 students. We reserve the right to remove comments that violate this guideline."

An added note: "Our page administrators are hiding profanities from general users."

A comment stating "You guys really suck at giving snow days just FYI" was apparently determined to be just civil enough to slip under the tastefulness wire -- and plenty of other messages expressed emotions ranging from frustration to anger about the BVSD decision. Some examples:

Your INSANE!! I almost got in a crash thank to you fools~

What does it take for this school district to call a snow day? Ten feet? You're risking teachers, kids, and parents' safety at this point. Be smart, BVSD.

Another bad decision by BVSD to keep the schools open. We have 15" of heavy wet snow and very icey roads. After 17 years in this school district I have been amazed at the disregard BVSD has for the safety of students. I keep hoping you guys will wake up and make kids a priority, but alas that has not happened. My son is graduating this spring, so this is the last winter I have to deal with BVSD.

Seriously BVSD, you're expecting students to speak cleanly after denying us an opportunity to not have school? Do you understand what you're asking? This is the third time this year that we have been one of the few districts without one. Today especially! I can't imagine what inspires you guys to be the ONLY district without a snow day! Get it together...

BVSD: why do you insist on risking of the lives of students? Is it a pride thing? Two of my friends got in car accidents, and because it was in their effort to go to school in hazardous conditions, I believe you should pay for the damage costs. Please reply, I would love to hear your justification.

Regarding the district's rationale, BVSD spokesman Briggs Gamblin offered one to the Daily Camera. According to him, staffers checked the roads early on Tuesday, after the snow had stopped falling, and decided that school buses could traverse them without a problem. In his words, "It was really just normal winter driving conditions in Colorado. There was not enough reason to close."

What would be reason enough? Another poster to the BVSD Facebook page thinks she knows. She writes, "Sadly, it is going to take a tragic accident."

Obviously, all involved hopes nothing like that happens. Still, if another huge load o' snow falls on Boulder over the course of today, expect more Facebook and Twitter pressure on the school district to make a different decision for tomorrow.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.