Brady Quinn the Broncos savior? What the (Peyton) Hillis?

In our Denver Blogs feature last Thursday, we reacted with amazement upon discovering a credible local blogger -- Mile High Report's Tim Lynch -- who actually thought the Broncos would be wise to obtain the services of Cleveland QB Brady Quinn.

Lynch has gotten his wish: Over the weekend, Quinn became a Bronco. But while the move instantly makes the team's roster prettier (check out our side-by-side comparisons of Quinn cheesecake shots with photos of Kyle Orton in drunk mode), does it make the squad better? Especially considering what was given up to get him?

The price? Running back Peyton Hillis and not one but two draft choices -- a sixth rounder in 2011 and a conditional pick the following year.

Betcha coach Josh McDaniels sees that as a bargain. Although Hillis showed significant potential during Mike Shanahan's last season at the helm, Joshie McD took an inexplicable dislike to PH, never truly giving him an opportunity to show what he could do. He had no future with the Broncos and likely wouldn't have gotten on the field in 2010 in anything other than a special teams role. And that conditional pick is probably based on Quinn's productivity, or lack of same.

There's empirical evidence to suggest that Quinn won't put up big numbers. Coming into the Browns' week two matchup against the Broncos in 2009, his team had scored a grand total of one offensive touchdown in the previous eight games -- which made its 27-6 loss to Denver the opposite of a surprise. Moreover, during that contest, Quinn labored to get the ball beyond the line of scrimmage, let alone down the field to a receiver with a chance of doing something with it. He seemed confused, inept, incompetent and plenty of other negative descriptors time doesn't permit us to list.

In his piece about the trade, Denver Post columnist Dave Krieger compares Quinn to tennis babe Anna Kournikova, which makes sense to some degree, since both of them are known more for their beauty than for success in their given field. But Kournikova was actually ranked eighth in the world as a singles player for a time, and did considerably better in doubles before moving into modeling and fashion fulltime.

In contrast, Quinn's NFL highlights are so few that you could go blind looking for them.

As such, it's hard to imagine Quinn truly challenging Orton for the starting job this year. That leaves Broncos fans to mourn the loss of Hillis even as they pray McDaniels drafts a quarterback who can actually take the team into the future.

Quinn's future? How about a beefcake calendar for the ladies? At least that'd be a way to take advantage of his talents...

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