Brandon Kapperman, apparent murder-suicide victim: I don't think I've ever felt so miserable

Details remain sketchy regarding two deaths yesterday afternoon in Fort Collins. But preliminary information suggests that Gene Kapperman, 73, killed his grandson, 26-year-old Brandon Kapperman, before shooting himself to death.

No information about the subtext of this tragedy has surfaced at this writing. But Brandon's final Facebook post before his death, shared on July 5, reads, "I don't think I've ever felt like this, so empty and miserable. So incomplete. So.... blah."

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A Rocky Mountain High School graduate, Brandon shared a great deal of information about himself on Facebook over the years, including a number of outdoorsy photos and a musing essay posted in 2009, when he turned 21, that talks about how he's a nice guy despite early troubles.

Other minor criminal incidents followed. The Fort Collins Coloradoan reports that Brandon's record includes a 2012 misdemeanor theft case and multiple charges of providing false information to a pawnbroker. At the time of his death, the Coloradoan notes that he was on probation and had a court date on the docket for next month.

There are no allusions to such incidents on Facebook. Most of Brandon's posts earlier this year pertain to a girlfriend, but his most recent status is listed as single. The page notes that he moved to Fort Collins on July 2. Three days later, he revealed the melancholy comment included above. After that, silence.

Then, yesterday, the Fort Collins Police Department responded to a home on the 6300 block of Thompson Drive -- the residence of Gene Kapperman and his wife. According to a news release, "the informant reported her husband shot a family member and then himself." A subsequent update pointed out that both parties had been confirmed as deceased and "there is no risk to the community" -- a phrase frequently used in murder-suicide scenarios.

Gene did not have a criminal history, but he had access to weaponry. The Coloradoan quotes a neighbor who described them as into hunting and fishing, and the property included a shooting range.

Our condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of the Kappermans.

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