Brandon Marshall: Broncos should be thrilled his hips are the Dolphins' problem now

Brandon Marshall has been part of the Dolphins organization for such a brief period of time that his photo on the team's website appears to be his official 2009 Broncos pic with a Miami uniform Photoshopped onto his torso. Look below to compare and contrast.

But he's already set at least one benchmark for his new squad: his first surgery.

Miami coach Tony Sparano described the procedure, performed in Vail a few weeks back and focusing on his right hip, as "routine." However, the Dolphins didn't know Marshall would require a return visit to the knife when they inked him to a contract worth more than $50 million, and Denver execs probably didn't, either. Bet the Broncos crew is feeling damn good about it, though.

Yes, the procedure was minor, and most observers believe it will have little impact on Marshall's performance. Overnight, for instance, ESPN Radio's Jason Smith argued that because BM's game relies on simply overpowering defenders with his physical gifts, he's less dependent on quick cuts and finesse to excel.

But he's been nagged by hip injuries for the past couple of years, raising at least the possibility of chronic issues. And given the enormous investment the Dolphins have made in Marshall, they need him to be on the field and productive for years to come in order to justify the expense.

There's no indication at this point that Marshall -- who, at age 26, should still have many good NFL years ahead of him -- is breaking down. But at least the Broncos don't have to worry about the possibility right now.

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