Brandon Marshall headed back to court on domestic-violence charges

Broncos wide receiver/resident diva Brandon Marshall has vowed to show up for training camp -- not because he's a loyal teammate, but because he's "not gonna let them take more money." And a little luck -- or perhaps a little help from a friendly judge or scheduler -- could keep him in camp despite an August hearing for his ongoing domestic-abuse case.

The web site is reporting that Marshall's next appearance is scheduled for August 13, which happens to be a rare off-day on the Broncos' busy training-camp schedule. If the hearing isn't postponed and lasts less than a full day, Marshall could join the team in San Francisco for a preseason game with the 49ers. Otherwise he could get some more money taken for him, should he miss the game or practices.

Or, if he wants to be a real doll, he could get his selfish, ungentlemanly ass traded to Tampa Bay.


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