"This waiting is a drag."
"This waiting is a drag."

Brandon Marshall in Denver Blogs: "There is no empirical evidence" that he's going to Seattle, or anywhere else

Denver blogs are popping up all over the place. Here are three we plucked.

In a Mile High Report fan post entitled "CSI: Dove Valley," super7 tries to solve some Broncos-related mysteries. In the first item, he writes, "There is no empirical evidence that Brandon Marshall's going anywhere," adding, "It's humbling for Marshall to not only see how the rest of the league values him, but also to think back to when he turned down Denver's previous contract offer so he could test the market."

In recent remarks about the health-care bill, Senator Chris Romer said, "I'm not trying to do class warfare" -- but the folks at WhoSaidYouSaid.com seem to think he is. Who's right?

At 5280, Dan Brogan presents stats suggesting that magazines are starting to bounce back. May the bouncing continue.


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