Brandon Marshall loves Denver or he hates it -- one or the other

At yesterday's Pro Bowl, Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall declared, "I love the city of Denver. I started there and would love to finish there."

That's a far cry from what Marshall said after an October 2007 drunk-driving arrest. Back then, he proclaimed, "I hate Denver. I hope I get traded. I hate this fucking city."

So which is it, Brandon? And at this point, does it even matter whether you'd like to stay or not?

Marshall's well-documented extra-curricular problems (many of them involving former girlfriend Rasheedah Watley) caused many of us to call for his ouster this past off-season despite his awesome athletic gifts. But as the 2009-2010 campaign wore on, Marshall seemed to get his act together, convincing most doubters that he deserved to get paid.

Apparent exception: Coach Josh McDaniels, who picked another fight with Marshall as the Broncos went from overachieving to cratering. Now it seems clear B-Marsh is on the trading block, with speculation rife that Cleveland would like to obtain his services in exchange for QB Brady Quinn.

Haven't we been down that road before? Quinn may be the most handsome quarterback in the league (especially compared to current signal caller Kyle Orton), but as he proved head-to-head against the Broncos this past season, he's more likely to challenge Derek Zoolander for male modeling supremacy than he is to help an NFL team win.

As for Marshall, he's a formidable talent who has proven he can do great things in a Broncos uniform, whether he loves Denver or not. But thanks to McDaniels's enormous ego, he probably won't get the chance to prove it again.

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