Brandon Marshall reportedly to be featured in CBS exposé of violent athletes

Update, May 21, 6:28 a.m.: The violent athletes report described in this item, intially published at 1:19 p.m. on May 20, didn't appear on last night's CBS news broadcast. As noted below, the possibility remained that it could be bumped by breaking news; presumably, producers decided that the story of Boulder cyclist Floyd Landis's doping accusations against Lance Armstrong would have made another sports-oriented report one too many. Complete Colorado's Todd Shepherd now says he's hearing the piece may air next Monday, May 24. Get a possible preview in the original post, seen here in its entirety:

Earlier today, we noted how pleased the Broncos should be that Brandon Marshall has moved on to the Miami Dolphins in light of recent hip surgery. But there's another, much more important reason to be happy that he's another city's problem now: his history of run-ins with the law and allegations of violent behavior involving women.

True, Marshall hasn't gotten into trouble for a while now. But according to's Todd Shepherd, he'll be spotlighted in a report for the CBS Evening News With Katie Couric that's likely to air tonight.

The topic? Violent athletes -- and Shepherd's source tells him that Rasheedah Watley, Marshall's former girlfriend, who accused him in court of battering her, will be among those in the spotlight.

Last August, Marshall was acquitted in that case -- but Watley did plenty of damage before then by cooperating in an ESPN investigation that made the receiver look terrible. Watch the report and Marshall's response below.

Shepherd has covered Marshall's downs in with the same energy that the local sports media chronicled his ups. For example, a July 2008 offering tracks the number of times police were called to his Douglas County home. And in this July 2009 piece, Shepherd includes a 911 call involving a Marshall-Watley incident and a restraining order written against Marshall for alleged stalking.

Regarding the CBS broadcast, Shepherd's source tells him that the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes will contribute to the piece in question -- and indeed, a May 13 note on NCAVA's Facebook wall reads, "NCAVA Founder Katherine Redmond will be flying out to NYC Monday for a CBS Evening News interview with Katie Couric. The segment will air late next week."

Of course, breaking events could bump the segment. But if Watley appears in the completed package, Marshall probably won't enjoy watching. Here are the aforementioned ESPN presentations:

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