Brandon Marshall takes being a distraction to next level

When the Broncos didn't immediately offer Brandon Marshall a mammoth new contract the second he was acquitted of battery at a trial in Atlanta, his agent reiterated his demand for a trade, increasing the odds that he would suddenly wind up injured again -- something that might keep him out of practice for weeks, like his previous, allegedly minor hamstring issue in late July did, even as it telegraphed his displeasure to team officials and the fan base in general. But that cagey BM figured out an easier way to deliver such a message: Yesterday, he complained about "trust issues" to the press gathered at Broncos training camp -- and while he insisted that he wanted to play hard, he conceded that he barely knows the playbook.

And whose fault is that? Marshall could have memorized the damn thing during the month he spent on his ass because of that horrific hamstring tweak -- not that he's got any incentive to do so. All signs indicate that he's already mentally left the Broncos even if he remains physically in Colorado. To his credit (and frankly, it hurts giving him credit for anything at this point), coach Josh McDaniels is making Marshall practice with the second team -- a sign of disrespect he richly deserves. The media comments on Wednesday were Marshall's petulant act of revenge, and more will probably follow. He doesn't have to fake an injury to make the point that he wants out of Denver -- although he might pull a lip muscle pouting.

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