Brandon Marshall to be traded to Miami Dolphins, says ESPN's Adam Schefter

As soon as Brandon Marshall signed the Broncos' tender offer yesterday, his trade went from being theoretical to a virtual certainty.

Moreover, it became clear the Broncos had at last abandoned the idea that they'd get a first-round pick for BM's services -- something obvious to the rest of us since the Pittsburgh Steelers dealt Santonio Holmes to the New York Jets for just a fifth-rounder.

Marshall's new destination? According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, it's not Seattle, the most public BM suitor. Instead, the locale is Miami, for the reported price tag of two second-round picks -- one this year, another in 2011.

Does that qualify as fair market value? It's at least close. While Marshall is an unbelievable talent, he's also proven to be a distraction in the locker room and a law enforcement target outside it. Just because he hasn't been arrested in over a year doesn't mean it'll never happen again. And he's got a record of dubious decision-making even when he's not charged with a crime. Note his testimony about his behavior on the night Broncos defender Darrent Williams was murdered, featured in our live blog from the trial in February.

This damning ESPN report featuring former squeeze Rasheedah Watley offers more evidence that Marshall hasn't always been a Boy Scout. And while he recently got married, there's no denying that Miami offers more than its fair share of distractions whether folks are single or hooked.

Given such baggage, it's understandable that teams weren't willing to give away too much for Marshall's services, no matter how devastating he can be on the field. And two second rounders are nothing to sneeze at if they're used wisely -- a big if given Josh McDaniels' initial NFL draft. But maybe he'll wise up this time around.

Whatever the case, Marshall is expected to be bound for a new destination by day's end. Divorce is so bittersweet...

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