Brandon Marshall using Jay Cutler's blueprint

Broncos wide receiver has had off-season health issues, not to mention a proclivity for arrests that rivals Robert Downey Jr. during his drug-pounding years. So, of course, he thinks he deserves an enormous new contract, and he's demanded a trade if he doesn't get one. Given his skill level, it's no surprise that national outlets such as USA Today picked up on a report about BM by Adam Schefter, who moved from the Denver dailies to the NFL Network before joining ESPN. Speaking on KOA, Schefter said that crankypants quarterback Jay Cutler "provided a formula to other people who don't get exactly what they want to get a ticket out of town."

No guarantee that'll happen, especially given the fact that the Broncos can call Marshall's bluff and fit him with a franchise tag. Nonetheless, Schefter correctly characterizes the situation as "very sensitive, delicate and fluid," not to mention "difficult to defuse." Then again, Marshall might make the decision easier. If he gets arrested again on domestic-violence charges, his favorite beef, other teams might shy away from him.

Then again, probably not. After all, this is the NFL.

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