Breanna Ocana, alleged drunken car thief, returns to scene of the crime

Returning to the scene of the crime always carries risks for law-breakers. But most are smart enough not to do it while the victim -- and the police -- are still there.

Which brings us to Breanna Ocana.

According to a statement of probable cause on view below, the Denver Police Department received a call about a car theft just after midnight on June 9. Officers soon encountered Armando Rivera, who'd parked his green 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix at a gas pump outside a 7-Eleven at 1000 North Federal.

Rivera believed his ride had been stolen by a woman subsequently ID'd as Ocana. She'd walked past him and asked if the vehicle was his. Then he briefly turned away, and when he pivoted back, he saw Ocana beside the Pontiac, which subsequently vanished, along with her.

Then, as a corporal was taking his statement, a cab stopped at the 7-Eleven to drop off a passenger. Seconds later, Rivera announced, "That's the girl who took my car."


Here's how the cab driver described this bizarre twist in the report's narrative. Near Santa Fe and Alameda, Ocana flagged him down after getting involved in a one-car accident involving, you guessed it, a green Grand Prix. She'd then asked him to take her to the very same 7-Eleven she'd visited earlier, apparently without thinking that the driver would be able to traverse the short distance so quickly that Rivera and the cops he was certain to have called would still be on site.

Oh yeah: The report describes Ocana as visibly intoxicated, with bloodshot eyes and alcohol on her breath.

No, Ocana hasn't been charged with drunk driving. However, she's facing a count of driving under revocation, meaning that she'd been stripped of her license and wasn't supposed to be behind any wheel, let alone one that didn't belong to her. In addition, she faces accusations of aggravated motor vehicle theft, a felony, and duty to report an accident.

Even if she'd only been driving the car a matter of minutes.

Here's a larger version of her mug shot, followed by the probable cause statement.

Breanna Ocana Probable Cause Statement

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