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Breastfeeding mea culpa from Colorado Rockies

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The Rockies may have lost to the Red Sox last night, but they won with Sandy Snow.

Earlier this season, Snow had been breastfeeding her daughter, Ashlie, at a game when Coors Field personnel asked her to move out of view, even though only Ashlie's toes were exposed. Snow was planning a "nurse-in" protest at the ballpark, but that's now off, thanks to a heartfelt apology from Rockies guest services director Steve Burke. Here's what he had to say.


I would like to apologize for the situation that arose at the game you attended at Coors Field. Our goal is that each Guest has a memorable experience when attending a Rockies game, unfortunately we were unable to make this happen for you and your family.

It is regrettable that we were not able to speak that night as I believe we could have explained our actions to your satisfaction. We have no policy prohibiting breastfeeding in the park, in fact it is something that occurs quite often here. We work hard to make Coors Field a family ballpark and believe that breastfeeding is something that goes with the family environment.

I have spoken to the staff involved and each of them assure me they were only trying to offer you alternatives to feeding in the seating area. Normally our interactions with a mother who wishes to breastfeed involves her asking for a more private area away from the crowd.

I believe that the staff assumed they were helping by offering these alternatives, when in fact you just wanted to attend to your child and continue to enjoy the game. I can understand this was not how you perceived their actions and were offended. I can only apologize and use this situation to educate my staff to prevent a similar situation in the future.

We have instructed the staff that if a mother who is breastfeeding does not ask for assistance to continue to do their jobs like they normally would and not approach her with suggestions of alternate areas. If they feel that the mother would benefit from these suggestions; such as a very hot day or adverse weather, to begin the interaction by informing her that there is no issue with feeding in the seating area but we can provide alternate areas for her and her child if she would like.

I would like to invite you back to a game as our guest to make up for the game you missed because of this issue.

Please look at the schedule and select a date that works for your family and contact me so I can arrange for those tickets. Again please accept my apology for this unfortunate situation, with the understanding that future outcomes will be understood and handled appropriately from my staff when dealing with breastfeeding families.

Steve Burke Sr. Director -- Guest Service Colorado Rockies

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.