Broncos backup QB Chris Simms: The ninth-best no. 2?

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks has assembled an unusual list, albeit one that makes sense following the Philadelphia Eagles' recent Michael Vick signing. (Who let the dogs in?) Instead of ranking starting quarterbacks, Banks rates the second stringers. And in his view, the Broncos Chris Simms is a top-ten finisher -- okay, he's number nine -- because of the strong possibility that he won't be sitting on the bench for long. "This is showing considerable faith in a quarterback who has barely played in almost three years," he concedes, "but my sense is Simms is going to be pushing Kyle Orton for the Broncos' starting job inside of a month -- if that long. Though the rust he accumulated during his long layoff in the wake of that ruptured spleen is still present from time to time, Simms is starting to come around and he's still only 29."

Plus, Orton left an enormous stench lingering over the field following the Broncos 17-16 loss to the 49ers during last Friday's preseason opener. Don't know if the Broncos would be much better with Simms at the helm -- but the thought of seeing Orton holding a clipboard seems pretty sweet about now....

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