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Broncos caused worst moment in New York Jets history: A video roundup of Jets misery

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This Sunday, the Broncos take on the New York Jets -- and while Denver is beset with an incredible array of injuries, and burdened by a running game that's should be hospitalized for severe anemia, the team's got history on its side. Note that in Jets Insider Ken Fratto's 2002 list of "The 12 Worst Moments in New York Jets History," the Broncos are number one, thanks to the John Elway to Ed McCaffrey completion that brought Denver back from near death in the 1998 AFC title game.

Here's how Fratto justifies his selection:

47 yard completion Elway to McCaffrey 3rd quarter. Why this play Dr. Jet? Jets had just gone up 10 - 0 on blocked punt and recovery for a touchdown. Jet Defense was completely stifling the Broncos ever since the Broncos opening drive, which ended with a Brian Cox fumble recovery. Up 10 - 0 if Jets could hold, and get any kind of score they probably take Terrell Davis out of the game, and force Broncos into a must throw offense. Kickoff return takes the ball past the Bronco 30 yard line. Elway does a play action fake. Victor Green bites badly, McCaffrey is wide open down the field. Elway completes a long but easy throw for a 47 yard completion. Broncos score a touchdown on drive, and reinvigorated Terrell Davis takes over the game. Thanks Victor. McCaffrey was clearly Green's responsibility in the Jet two deep zone defense. Lost in the shuffle was a great game by Vinny Testaverde who was let down by his teammates fumbles, drops and slips (14 yards rushing by Curtis Martin). I would categorize this as Vinny's finest performance as a Jet (356 Yards), but it was lost in nauseating Jet defeat. This one feels like it happened 10 minutes ago, and is why I rank it as the worst moment in Jet History.

Enjoy that moment and five other video companions to Fratto's list below, with the countdown leading to McCaffrey's big moment. If they can't get you ready for the game, nothing can.

11) 1986.

6) 1982 AFC Championship game. (Part 12: Check out classic commercials!)

4) 1981 Playoff Game at Shea.

2) 1994 Spike Game.

1) 1998 Championship game.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.