Top Broncos Tweets: Fans Have Lost the Will to Hate Tom Brady

Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady during the lead-up to the September 27 Broncos game.
Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady during the lead-up to the September 27 Broncos game. YouTube
Have Broncos fans already abandoned all hope for the 2020-2021 season, even though it's only three weeks old?

One indication that this could be the case: On Sunday, September 27, Denver got absolutely dissected by a 28-10 score in a home game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, now led by quarterback Tom Brady, arguably the most despised opponent in the franchise's history. But rather than lashing out at Brady, the vast majority of Broncos loyalists on Twitter seem so depressed and defeated that they can't whip up any of the old hatred.

Not that this reaction is unjustified. Aside from the amusing sight of nearly 2,000 South Park character cut-outs filling seats at the largely (but not entirely) empty Empower Field at Mile High, the contest was sheer torture for those of us who've lived and died with the squad for decades. If this isn't the bottom of the barrel, you can sure as hell see it from here.

Granted, the Broncos were hardly at full strength. Injuries had already negatively affected QB Drew Lock, running back Phillip Lindsay, promising wide receiver Courtland Sutton, former Super Bowl MVP Von Miller and the pride of every person who ever wore an orange jersey. And after the opening kickoff, things rapidly got worse. A blocked punt in the opening moments gave Brady an incredibly short field with which to work, and he quickly cashed in with a three-play, ten-yard, 43-second "drive" that made the score 7-0 after barely five minutes had passed.

That was as close as the Broncos got for the rest of the game. Substitute quarterback Jeff Driskel managed to manufacture a field goal and a single touchdown over the course of the next few hours, but the outcome was never in doubt. Brady didn't look all that great, but greatness wasn't necessary: Mere competence was more than enough.

Afterward, a few Broncos boosters on social media called for the heads of head coach Vic Fangio and team executive John Elway, but that level of engagement was rare. The reaction overall was glum acceptance that the Broncos, who were supposed to take our minds off the COVID-19 pandemic, have instead become yet another example of why 2020 has been the most terrible year in recent memory.

Which makes the fact that they're scheduled to co-star in this week's Thursday Night Football match-up against the almost-as-woeful New York Jets seem less like a promise than a threat.

Here are our picks for the twenty most memorable tweets about the game.

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