Broncos' schedule: Is a 6-10 prediction too optimistic?

Even before the hiring of new coach Josh McDaniels and the loss of quarterback Jay Cutler, even casual NFL fans knew that the team was facing a brutal 2009 schedule -- and the breakdown provided by BetFirms.com makes it clear just how difficult it'll be for the Denver squad to reach mediocrity, let alone playoff contention. The nameless prognosticator predicts that the Broncos will finish with a 6-10 record -- well below the 7.5 victories Vegas oddmakers have foreseen. (In wagering parlance, take the under.) But in reaching that six-triumph level, BetFirms has the Broncos beating the Dallas Cowboys at home in week four (doubtful), topping the San Diego Chargers at Mile High in week eleven (really doubtful) and sweeping two games against the Oakland Raiders (the Broncos often manage to gag away at least one contest per annum against the Raiders even when they're good).

So... will the Broncos get to six wins? Only if they're lucky. Man, this looks like it's gonna be a long season.

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