Schmuck of the Week

Broncos season-ticket holders who sell to Steelers fans are our Shmucks of the Week

Yes, it's only the pre-season.

But anyone who's ever gone to Invesco Field when the Broncos have played the Pittsburgh Steelers -- most notably during the 2006 AFC Championship game -- knows how frustrating it is to see as much black and gold as blue and orange.

Steelers fans show up in droves -- more than for any other team than, perhaps, the Raiders. And their fans are incredibly boisterous.

I'm not sure I'm ready to call the Steelers the new Raiders, because I still wouldn't be scared to see a Steelers fan in a dark alley. But they are at least as much of a pain in the ass as Red Sox fans at a Rockies game.

And just as prevalent.

How does it happen? Well, Steelers fans have a right to spend their money -- or overspend, as is the case with high-demand seats -- for tickets just like everyone else. That doesn't mean Broncos season tickets holders have to sell to them, though.

Have some pride, season-tickets holders! You can't go to the game, or don't want to sit in the sunshine for a pre-season match? Give (or sell) your tickets to a friend or neighbor -- someone who you know is going to cheer Kyle Orton rather than Hines Ward.

Keep that Steel Curtain closed.

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