Broncos team photos not a pretty pictures -- after disgruntled fans rip them to shreds

It's hard to know what was more depressing yesterday as

the once 6-0 Broncos lost to the lowly Kansas City Chiefs

at home to finish the season 8-8:

The sarcastic chants of "Throw it to Marshall" from fans who were angry that the Pro Bowl wide receiver had been benched by his arrogant coach? Or the fact that some of those same fans were tearing up free team pictures that were handed out after the game and leaving them on the ground?

Yes, as the vitriolic masses streamed out of Invesco Field -- midway through the fourth quarter -- the gangways were plastered with bits and pieces of the 7-11 sponsored photos. It was a fitting, if not particularly constructive (or environmentally friendly) postscript to the season.

What will the team photo look like next year?

Well, it will most certainly have the smug mug of coach Josh McDaniels -- and will likely be without the faces of Marshall, onetime hero Peyton Hillis or journeyman tight end Tony Scheffler, all of whom will be seeking greener pastures.

And that's not a pretty picture.

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