Bud Linton shoots pit bull dead after alleged attack on three other dogs

The local Team Pit-A-Full organization continues to push an online petition against breed-specific legislation exemplified by Denver's pit bull ban.

But such efforts are complicated by stories like one out of Colorado Springs, in which Bud Linton, pictured, shot a pit bull dead after it allegedly attacked not one, not two, but three other dogs.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, officers received a report of what's described in the CSPD blotter as a "pit bull attack" on the 4600 block of Portrait Place. The item says a man later identified as Linton heard a commotion in his fenced backyard, and when he went to investigate, he saw two dogs attacking his own, a German shepherd named Max (yes, the same name as the Argentine Mastiff that bit 9News anchor Kyle Dyer's face).

Linton managed to get Max back into the house, and the other dogs ran off, the release continues. But when he looked for them in the front of his house, he first saw a woman walking two smaller dogs of her own. He then warned her that "two pit bulls were loose in the neighborhood," the blotter maintains.

That wasn't quite right: While one of the dogs was subsequently identified as a pit bull, the other turned out to be a boxer. But before such distinctions could be made, the dogs rematerialized and went after the woman's pets. Linton reportedly tried to separate the brawling animals, but after receiving a bite for his trouble, he went into his house, grabbed a gun and opened fire. A bullet struck the pit bull, which died at a nearby residence, Linton told KKTV. As for the boxer, it split but was later found uninjured.

Neither the woman's dogs nor Max the German shepherd were seriously injured. And while police will not charge Linton in the shooting, officials are reserving the right to do so in regard to the owners of the two dogs that appear to have set the lethal chain of events in motion.

Oh yeah: KKTV reports that a different homeowner shot another pit bull elsewhere in the Colorado Springs area on Wednesday. The animal was described as "aggressive."

Of course, for every pit bull detractor, there's a defender who argues that the breed is no more dangerous than any other if owners train and care for their dogs properly. That point of view is exemplified by the Team Pit-A-Full petition, which at this writing features 7,117 signatures toward a goal of 10,000.

Look below to see the aforementioned KKTV report.

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