Busting Cindy Adams' balls, and other WTF moments from the Democratic National Convention

We awoke this morning and wouldn't you know it: The stench has lifted. You know, that smell that hung heavily all week -- that subtle mix of patriotism (the proud delegates) and patchouli (the street whores), with a touch of bad-ass (Obama) and a slight whiff of bullshit (still Obama). It's wafting its way north now, through the plains to St. Paul, where it will crawl up the noses of every Republican in Minnesota and, if they're not careful, a few unlucky Canadians.

We, of course, are left behind to pick up the pieces, to try to figure out what the hell just happened. So, here, a look back at the week that was. After all, it was the only time in Denver's history that a white-haired, white-collared old man wearing coke-bottle glasses will sit at the bar at LoDo's swanky Spill, watching CNN and sipping Glenlivet. We better not forget it. -- Joe Tone

The Images Slide shows from DNC parties, street scenes, and protests.

1. Obama T-shirts: The good, the bad, and the ugly

2. The Music of the Democratic National Convention

3. DNC Swag: 20 Things we wish we bought (or stole) during the Democratic National Convention

4. DNC Cops: Chillin' like Villians

5. 8 Simple Rules for Surviving a DNC Party

For even more DNC slide shows, go to westword.com/slideshow.

The Rants %$#$%^^ DNC %^$#@^ Denver! *&^^%#!!!!!!!!!!

1. Page Six gossip columnist Cindy Adams has Denver by the balls

2. Invesco: What the British might call the longest bloody queue ever.

3. F this. We'll be at the bar.

4. Delegates would totally save world, if they weren't so damn hungover

5. The celebrity-starved Denver media is all Twitterpated during the DNC

The Parties Sights and sounds from the DNC party scene.

1. Mad for Mad Men at the DNC

2. Bellying Up to the Barack Bar

3. These protesters know how to party: Rage Against the Machine show

4. Little brother scores DNC party VIP, reports to big brother via text, "This partys fuckin awesome!"

5. Etown's DNC show with James Taylor, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Ani DiFranco, Tom Morello and Irma Thomas

For more party and show reviews, cruise the archives of Demver's "Let's Get This Party Started" category

The Protesters They walked out alive. So that's good.

1. DNC protester holding cells weren't fit for voting machines, but people are no problem

2. 9/11 Truther Alex Jones takes on Michelle Malkin, hilarity ensues

3. New photos of protester being struck by police officer at DNC

4. Stop Bird Porn: The leading contenders for weirdest, most worthless DNC protesters

5. Shepard Fairey, creator of iconic Obama "Hope" poster, arrested at DNC

For more coverage of the protesters, go to the "Protest Watch" category.

The Pundits Media critics Michael Roberts gets up close with the national media.

1. David Gregory at the DNC: at last, you're mine

2. CNN at the DNC: delicious!

3. MSNBC versus the blue elephant at the DNC

4. The Daily Show's John Oliver on the downside of equality

5. Inside the first Denver taping of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

For more media coverage from the convention, go to Demver's "Pundit Watch" page.

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