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Caleb Pacheco: Body of three-year-old found under trailer, mom Juanita Kinzie arrested

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The most recent posts on the Caleb Pacheco (Wheres Caleb) Facebook page are haunting in the extreme.

Why? The messages are paired with the photo of a child who's most likely dead, and has been for months -- and now, his mother, Sterling's Juanita Kinzie, 24, has been arrested on investigation of murder.

Here's the most recent post attributed to Caleb, published a few hours ago:

Goodnight!! Time to rest for the night!! Remember to L.I.U. Dont forget to pass it along so people will look for other babies just like me and try harder to keep them out of harms way!! Dont let them end up like me because my family is devastated beyond words! They miss me and I miss them!! Light It Up WORLD!!

According to 9News, relatives of Kinzie had long considered her an unfit mother. Why? An arrest affidavit cited by CBS4 identifies her as a meth addict.

But while family members took care of Caleb through part of 2010, Kinzie allegedly regained custody in January 2011. That's the last time they saw him, and they claim their entreaties to Social Services to investigate his well-being resulted in no action -- hence the creation of the Wheres Caleb Facebook page. In the meantime, the arrest report quotes a conversation between Kinzie and a friend in which the former allegedly said Caleb was with God.

That appears to be true when it comes to the boy's spirit, but his earthly remains are another story.

This weekend, Kinzie was the subject of a disturbance call -- and she was plenty disturbed, due to what Logan County authorities suspect was meth usage. At that time, she allegedly said her son was dead. This statement led to the search of a trailer where Kinzie had lived for a short time about six months previously. Over the summer, complaints had surfaced about a foul stench emanating from the abode, and this weekend, the source was discovered -- the decomposing body of a three-year-old child police are all but certain is Caleb.

Kinzie, whose record was reportedly marked by domestic abuse beefs even before Caleb was born, is in custody on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Look below to see Kinzie's mug shot and a CBS4 report about this heinous crime.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.