Call of Duty 3: Lomon Sar racks up shmuck points after threatening to blow up Best Buy

If Lomon Sar is a, uh, veteran of the Call of Duty video games, then he's used to blowing things up -- at least in his digital fantasy land. But police say Somon, 31, forgot to leave his fantasy world behind on Tuesday when he threatened to blow up a Best Buy in Aurora because the store wouldn't sell him a version of the game, Modern Warfare 3 at a midnight release even though he'd pre-purchased it.

Whoa, soldier settle down. Save those temper tantrums for the heart of holiday shopping season like the rest of us.

Sar subsequently laid out his tale of woe for news stations, explaining how he had been wronged (he'd called to pre-order the game, but the store didn't have any record of his order) and that he didn't mean it literally.

"I put my hands up to my head and I'm like, 'God, now I'm mad.' I said, 'I am so pissed right now I can blow this place up,'" Sar told 9News. "I wasn't gonna blow it up or anything like that, no. It's just something you say when you get mad, you know what I mean? But they're like empty threats. You can't get in trouble for just saying you're gonna bomb a building."

Actually, you can. Store employees called the police, who charged Sar with disorderly conduct.

Thankfully Sar (did we mention that he is 31?) was able to buy a copy of the game at Walmart and go home a play it for many hours, according to the 9News story.

But he still feels like the manager at Best Buy owes him an apology. "I'm sorry about what I said, but, you know, it has to be mutual," Sar told the news station. "It's like me wasting my time over there when I could have just been at home already playing. I wanted to be playing. That's what I wanted to do. Playing and ranking up."

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