Campaign For a Healthy Denver calls out food service in television spot

Last week, No On 300 announced the release of the first television spot focusing on the Denver Paid Sick Leave Initiative. The video stars Mayor Michael Hancock and directs attention to the toll the ordinance could have on the city's budget. In contrast, the clip from pro-300 Campaign For a Healthy Denver features an anonymous narrator, but some heavy facts.

According to the video, more than 100,000 of Denver's restaurant, nursing home and daycare workers currently don't have paid sick leave, a statistic that focuses less on the implications of the initiative than the reasoning behinds its creation.

The thirty-second spot also draws attention to a statistic from the Centers For Disease Control that suggests nearly 10,000,000 food-borne illnesses a year are the result of sick workers -- and the group has established background research on the topic from the Bell Policy Center (below). As the November 1 election approaches, both ads are becoming more frequent on local and cable stations.

Check out both spots below.

Which ad do you think is the most effective?

Bell Policy Center paid sick leave statistics

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Kelsey Whipple
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