Camping tips for people who don't like the wilderness: Kenny Be's Hip Tips

August is a great month for enjoying a Colorado camping trip, but it is also the busiest. Rowdy campground crowds and hiking-trail traffic jams can add extra hassle to the burden of outdoor living. People who don't like the wilderness experience can still enjoy some August camping by following these tips...

Many campsite options are available to the city camper. When choosing a campsite, look at its proximity to the things that are important to you. If you are camping with a television and want to spend part of the weekend exploring the contents of your garage, an alley campsite with nearby electrical hookups would be preferable, as pictured above.

Below, placement is important for city tent campers. For the most authentic camping experience, always pitch your tent near a lawn sprinkler. As shown in the photograph above, aim your tent door in the direction of the spray. That way you can imitate the adventure of an unexpected nighttime rainstorm. Below, the special needs of indoor camping... If personal safety is your primary concern, it is often best to find camping gear that provides extra protection. As shown in the photo above, garage campers are built for parking in enclosed structures. Below, a raccoon-free city campsite... As shown in the photograph above, urban wildlife can best be watched when camping in a secluded spot in the yard. However, leaving food unattended will attract squirrels and raccoons, which will be knocking at your popup-camper door all night wanting a snack.

Often it is better for the urban environment for city campers to hike out to a nearby restaurant for their meals.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.