Cannabis Press Association launches: Calling all pot newshounds

In Colorado, where there's medical marijuana, there's media.

So it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to organize all those newshounds on the weed beat -- and now that time has come.

Introducing Colorado-based Cannabis Press Association.

This CPA is not to be confused with the Colorado Press Association, an organization of reporters who cover subjects beyond pot. Although honestly, what other subjects are there these days?

So far, the details of the Cannabis Press Association are sketchy at best. According to a recent press release penned by the Boulder-based advocacy group the Cannabis Therapy Institute (which may or may not be associated with the CPA), the new media group was involved in a legal panel put on last week by CTI and the Cannabis Trade Council, since the CPA was offering working press complimentary food and drinks. It's a good first move for the nascent organization, since as everybody knows, free booze and grub is the way to any reporter's heart

The CPA's bare-bones website provides a few more details. According to the one-page site, the CPA "provides background and research on cannabis issues and is available to answer questions from cannabis journalists," as well as providing press credentials for cannabis-oriented events. It's all about encouraging fair and accurate marijuana reporting, notes the site, since "cannabis has been the subject of much misinformation in the press from the Reefer Madness years to the present."

An e-mail requesting more information about the CPA has not yet garnered a response. We suspect the CPA's news team is instead busy beating the pavement, hot on the trail of a skunky scoop.

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