Cannabis Time Capsule, 1892: Curing corns with cannabis

This week over at Ask a Stoner, we uncover a few truths behind some Jamaican folk remedies using cannabis, including its purported use as a cure for asthma and glaucoma.

But did you know that cannabis can be a cure for corns on your feet? No?

Don't feel bad. Neither did we until uncovering a small article from the May 1892 Summit County Journal.

The blurb is nothing more than a brief sidebar in a section likely intended for women based on the other numerous helpful (and suspect) bits of advice, including:

• When your oven burns on the bottom, cover it half an inch with clean sand.

• Proper mixtures for flavoring nutbread with anise.

• Lemon and salt will remove ink stains when oxalic acid is too strong.

• Burning paper in your fireplace will heat up the air in the flue, making it easier to light the logs below.

All of which makes the following cannabis folk remedy seem all the more strangely authentic:

So next time granny starts bitching about her feet, bust out a tub of hot water and some Hashplant trim and go to town. More from our Colorado Cannabis Time Capsule archive: "1877: Amateur Philly pharmacist gives away 'hasheesh' treatments" and "1904: Mexican duo terrorize after smoking a joint."

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