Cannabis Time Capsule, 1922: "Montrose Mexican to be sent to asylum"

We've got a followup to a post last November that spotlighted a 1922 Telluride Daily Journal blurb on Martinez Gonzales, who was arrested after Montrose cops found him growing herb in his front yard. Last we had heard, Gonzales was being held in jail until an evaluation on his sanity could be completed.

Unfortunately, things didn't turn out too well for Mr. Gonzales.

A team of local physicians (read: wealthy white men) said he was "mentally unbalanced" due expressly to his use of marijuana, or "Indian hemp," as the article calls it. The good news is that they thought his condition was curable. The antidote? An extended stay in the state mental asylum. According to the article, it will "put him right." Interestingly, the story is in the exact same June 24, 1922 edition as the earlier article. No telling why the editors split it into two sections -- though, knowing newsmen of the time, they were likely schnockered on liquor and loopy on cheap cigars. Oh, how times have changed (says the guy with a vaporizer on his desk).

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