Cannabis Time Capsule, 1931: That $5,000 garden wasn't filled with veggies....

It's a holiday weekend and you're (hopefully) already out smoking spliffs and forgetting about the Internet for three days. So we'll keep today's Colorado Cannabis Time Capsule brief.

This blurb from Castle Rock's Record-Journal newspaper, dated October 1931, is about a brief encounter with a man who briefly lost his damn mind bragging about his $5,000 vegetable garden to cops.

Read the tale of old Pete Rios for yourself below.

"Denver -- Pete Rios seems to be deriving more than the usual satisfaction from his garden. "That garden, she pay me $5,000 soon," he boasted. Police looked up quotations on corn and beans and decided Pete was a little high on his estimate. Investigation disclosed a fine crop of marihuana concealed in the center of his corn patch. Pete is in jail. At current prices, Pete's estimate of the garden's value is low, police said.
While the story might be based on some shred of truth, most of it reeks of racial profiling by reefer madness media members, who at the time were looking to demonize the plant by linking it with Hispanic workers migrating north into the U.S. Examples? The broken English quotes, pointing out that police looked up prices on "beans and corn," and subtle nuances implying that the man was too stupid to know the value of his crop or when to shut his mouth. It's presented as less of a news story and more of a joke.

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