Caregivers' Cup: And the winners are...

Contrary to popular belief, Westword is a newspaper, not a dispensary or a marijuana grow -- and anyone who's looked in our shared refrigerator will tell you there are almost never any edibles around here.

Yet the organizers of the annual Caregivers' Cup chose to give Westword editor Patricia Calhoun a so-called "press vape" to honor us for our coverage of the medical marijuana industry.

We were hardly the only winners at last night's ceremony. The Clinic Alternative Medicine swept the top categories -- most photogenic, best aroma and the People's Choice Award -- for its GRAPE GOD, which plenty of people were ready to worship. Look below to see his pride and joy and learn more about the runners-up:

1st place: GRAPE GOD strain Grower: The Clinic Alternative Medicine Indica dominant grapefruit X BC GOD BUD, using soiless medium and Canna nutrients, grown indoors at 8,000 feet elevation Good for MS, Chronic Pain & Glaucoma

2nd and 3rd place (tie):Hawaiian Sativa Grower: Karmaceuticals Organic, aeroponic, grown at 5,280 feet Good for all of the above

Lemon Skunk (60 percent sativa) Grower: Grateful Meds Soil grown at 8,400 feet Good for insomnia and muscle spasms

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