Carla Madison: With city councilwoman's death, Denver is a little less colorful

Carla Madison, who died on Tuesday, wasn't just Denver City Council's most colorful member. She wasn't just the most likable, someone who's inspired an outpouring of heartfelt comments and fond memories. She might also have been its hardest-working, the go-to choice when there was a special job that needed to be done, like heading the city's new task force on food trucks. And even when the official business was over, Carla didn't stop.

If there was a worthwhile event in town, Carla Madison was there. An art show, a lecture, a reception for a new business opening -- Carla Madison was there. I once ran into her at three different spots in one night -- and she was just getting started. She was interested in everything, and she was everywhere.

Technically, she represented District 8 -- and since that district includes everything from parts of downtown to Five Points to City Park West to west Park Hill, you'd think it would be more than enough territory to cover. But Carla didn't limit her efforts to that area. She was everywhere around her town, a town she'd returned to after a career as colorful as she was, and she made supporting Denver her life's work. She cared about everything that went on here.

Carla was born in this town 55 years ago, and she left it too early on Tuesday night after putting up a tough fight against cancer.

It's a town that's just a little less colorful without Carla Madison.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.