Carmelo Anthony auction not over: More stuff he left in Denver up for sale (PHOTOS)


This past weekend, Estate Auctions spent two days selling off furniture and belongings left behind by

Carmelo Anthony, who lost about $6 million on the sale of his Denver-area house

after moving from the Nuggets to the New York Knicks. But if you didn't get a chance to bid, you have a second chance. More Carmelo riches will go before the gavel on July 31.

That's the word from Estate Auction's Jerry Priddy, who says another sale date was set because "we had things we couldn't get in. It was a big house, but it wasn't just the house. There was a guest house, a studio and a barn that was made into an event center. It even had chandeliers in it."

The entire spread "was just beautiful," Priddy enthuses. "I've been to a lot of beautiful houses in my life. We've done estate sales for most of the society in Denver. But this one beat them all as far as having a good variety. We weren't just dealing with antiques. There was also general furniture -- all high-end stuff. There were a lot of things in the house when he bought it, but he kept adding things to it -- and then he just walked out and left it. All they took were personal items, and some people who worked for him took some things. But basically, we had to sell almost everything."

Priddy declines to say how much money this past weekend's sale generated: "That's personal for the family," he notes. But he says "we had an awful lot of people, and things sold very well" -- which is why he's looking forward to the followup auction on the 31st. Among the items available then, he reveals, is "a leather sectional that's just huge."

For more details about the next Carmelo auction, phone Estate Auction at 303-753-9111 or 303-692-1167. Look below and page down to see our previous post, complete with more shots of Anthony's pricey leavings.

Original item, 8:19 a.m. July 18: Last month, Carmelo Anthony lost about $6 million on the sale of his Denver-area house following his move from the Nuggets to the New York Knicks. But he no doubt hoped he could make this financial bath less chilly via this weekend's auction of fabulous furnishings he left behind. See photos below.

The two-day sale was reportedly handled by Denver's Estate Auctions. We've got a call into the folks there to ask how everything went, and we'll update this post when and if we receive a reply. In the meantime, page down to see photos of the stuff put up for bid, courtesy of Fox31, whose full slideshow can be accessed by clicking here.

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